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How to improve the conversion rate


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The conversion rate will depend on a number of different factors, such as what kind of products you sell, the level of industry competition, your price point, and a variety of other variables.

Website design is the most important part of the conversion rate.
Have a professional layout and design is an important signal to visitors that you can be trusted.
Make the site easy to navigate, including navigation elements at the site have generally received on the site.
You must ensure that your website is cross-compatible with all major web browsers.


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You have to search for reason to not getting conversion and have to get points to increase conversion. There are also some programs are available for conversion rate optimization. You can contact of then and try to increase conversion rate of your website.


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First, we have to consider why the conversion rate is important? Because if you do not convert, you do not sell. If you do not sell, you do not make money and you have unpleasant ROI.

So - How do we improve the conversion rate?
In order to improve the conversion rate, we need to have access to certain statistical data of the search traffic, and we can understand them.
People using Google Analytics can see terms like Bounce Rate, Average Time on Site, Average Page Views, and Exit Rate.
To see what each one already has a thread here.

Increase newsletter subscription rates through on-exit technology. The value of the blog content should be enough to allow visitors to leave their e-mail address to receive the newsletter. However, given the large number of choices the visitor is exposed to on the internet, the visitor may also forget to sign up. That's why you can remind them by a pop-up. Use on-exit technology in your favor. When you display a pop-up when the visitor intends to leave the page, apply the "under promise, over deliver" principle: people love surprises and surprise them with a gift - a free guide, a voucher, etc.

Identify the best version of the elements on your website through A / B Testing.
A / B Testing is the most popular method used by experts to optimize conversion rates. To find out exactly what versions of the elements that bring the highest conversion rate are testing one change per turn. Most of the time, headline testing makes visible changes in conversion rates.

Why is it useful to test different hypotheses? Because, as you've probably learned from your marketing experience, solutions and instinct-based decisions are not always the best. Every consumer thinks and acts in a different way and you have to see what he likes more.

Decreases bounce rate on website pages by A / B Testing. A / B Testing helps you not only see what design is appropriate for traffic segments, but also to reduce your bounce rate. Through A / B testing you will find out what elements have the power to persuade the visitor to stay longer on the site and access multiple pages.

Measure Visitor Satisfaction Index (VSI) to find out what the user's interests are in order to create a new consumer habit. By generating a consumption habit for current users, you save the time you spend trying to attract new visitors. Traffic is useful, but conversion rate optimization is not about increasing traffic, but about turning visitors into buyers and buyers into loyal customers. Happy users and excited about the services and products you offer, will recommend you to your friends and open new gates for you without effort.


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There are so many ways to improve the conversion rate such as;-
  1. Add a guarantee.
  2. Use testimonials.
  3. Clearly state the benefits of your product or service.
  4. Pay careful attention to your headline.
  5. Keep conversion elements above the fold.
  6. Use video to humanize your brand.