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How to increase traffic on YouTube?


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YouTube has become one of the most widely used and appreciated social networks in business. Like any social network, YouTube helps create and maintain relationships between the company and customers, collaborators, partners, and potential customers. Companies around the world are using this channel because of the benefits they receive, from the fact that you receive rapid feedback from customers, to the fact that you present your products or services in a much more detailed and clear manner. YouTube is a help to enter when problems arise in the functionality of a product because a simple video on how to fix that problem quickly reaches a large number of clients.

The number of visitors to your YouTube channel is important, but it is even more important for people watching your video clips to be part of your target audience, whether they are collaborators, customers or prospects. I've prepared a list of tips and tricks to follow to increase traffic on your YouTube channel:

  1. Content - content is just as important to your YouTube channel as it is for your website or blog. But YouTube is a video sharing network, you will say. Yes, it's a video-sharing network, but search engines are indexed by content-based clips and here I refer to the title and description of each. Add a short summary of the topics discussed in the clip in the description section, using relevant keywords.
  2. Organize videos according to the topics discussed - everything is much easier to find when putting in the right place. Visitors will find it easier to view multiple clips of their era of interest. Do not forget to add relevant descriptions to each playlist.
  3. Don't ignore comments - feedback, both positive and negative, is essential to developing your business. Always answer customer inquiries, and when receiving negative comments, try to learn as much as possible about the reasons behind the posting: what was the dissatisfaction: the collaboration or product/service offered? contacted the company to solve the problem, how did it respond? and so on...
  4. Monitor activity on your channel - to be able to measure results and to see what works and what does not work for your business and your customers, you need to pay attention to the details. When you apply a new strategy or make some modifications, it will be much easier to analyze whether or not the best approach is.
  5. Visitors will always subscribe to your channel - mention both the clip and the description of how visitors can subscribe to your YouTube channel. In addition, mention the other social networks where you are active and encourage the distribution of the clips.
Undoubtedly, your business must be present by the most important social networks. Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn, social media specialists at Dow Media help you quickly get your business done.