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Tutorial How to make a Bitcoin wallet - BlockChain


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We've decided to do video tutorials to help you integrate into the online world. This time we present you how to create a wallet in which to keep your Bitcoin. You've heard everywhere about this currency that increases and decreases in value. With it, you can pay anonymously quickly and safely. But it can not be stored in a regular wallet like PayPal.

Blockchain technology is mainly used in the context of virtual coins like Bitcoin, but has much greater potential to innovate, in many areas. Its advantage is that it can store a public database protected by cryptography without needing regulation from a central authority. Especially in the context of recent concerns about electronic transfers and hacker interference, Blockchain technology could be a solution.

In other words, Blockchain is comparable to the world of finance what was for twenty years now to the internet for the information world: a technology that allows fast, secure and decentralized transactions.
See more about how you can make for free a wallet, in this video: