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How to make money from sponsored articles on Blog

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One of the questions I get is : ” How to make money on Internet, from articles? ”. I have a blog, but how can I find someone to pay me to write articles there?

First of all, you need to know what an Internet Marketer is looking for, when he is trying to buy articles. An Internet Marketer is interested in the following:

• The ”age ” of the blog – the older, the better

• The number of links towards the blog – the merrier, the better,

• Page rank of the blog – the bigger, also the better,

• The theme of the blog,

• The number of unique visitors

• The traffic - The traffic that the article can generate (direct, indirect), with all its benefits (branding, sales),

• Link building - Obtaining a link on a keyword, to help the site that is promoted by the Internet Marketer

10 Steps To Successfully Sell Items On Your Blog

1. Create a special page on the blog, where you can expose the above data, the data an Internet marketer is interested in;

2. Create a page where you specify that you are selling articles;

3. Add contact information;

4. Add prices;

5. Add examples of articles;

6. Add words to the presentation page of the sponsored article service such as:

• Add url

• Add articles

• Paid articles

• Add site

• Add url

• Add link

• Sponsored link

• Sign up the site

• Add web page

• Add an announcement (these are the words searched by the Internet Marketer to find sites that allow the addition of links and articles);

  1. Prepare a PayPal address (a service used by webmasters and Internet Marketers);
  2. After you have set the page with all the dates, be proactive and search on Google companies and sites which might be interested in an article on your blog;
  3. Contact these companies and expose them the service you provide. Contact especially those who advertise through Adwords!
  4. Remember to always specify the benefits: (Traffic, if they have a permanent link, it helps in Google's „eyes‘‘, increasing the site in their positions.)

If you have other questions and ideas, write them in the comments.