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How To Make Money with YouTube

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If you are already passionate about posting videos on YouTube and do it without earning money from it, then the information from this article will be very useful for you. So, learn how to make money from your hobby. Do not expect to get enriched overnight, because to have the great luck of making a video that can become very viral on Youtube you have to be patient.

What is YouTube?
From our point of view, bloggers and marketers, YouTube is the world's second search engine after Google. More specifically, YouTube is looking for the most things after the famous search engine and this is a clear signal that YouTube should not be neglected when it comes to making money on the net.

Anyone can upload videos to this site, the world is entering on them either by searching for something in the search box at the top of the site, or by searching on other search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

What is the YouTube Partner Program?
After becoming part of Google, Youtube has developed a program to motivate his users to take more seriously recording and posting videos.
With this program, are offered to YouTube content creators, those who upload their YouTube videos, tools and programs they need to improve their activity, to build an audience as large as possible to monetize the video.

To become a YouTube partner, it's enough to have a Youtube account, where you can choose to monetize at least a movie made and uploaded by you. Monetization is basically the display of ads and commercials either at the beginning of your movie or at the bottom of the image throughout the movie. These ads come from Google, so you also need to have an Adsense account. But I'll explain this much further below, where you'll understand exactly how to monetize your videos on YouTube.

What you have to do to start earning money with Youtube:

1. Post your videos on Youtube - Record+work+render+upload
If you own a camera, use it and record everything whatever goes to YouTube. But if you want your videos grow fast on views, then you have to choose an interesting subject that you know, about which you can give personal advice and opinions, original, useful, exposed in - as attractive as possible.
Try not to post too long or badly filmed material with poor quality, no lights, which lasts too long to keep the visitor up to the end. It must be sufficiently short and qualitative to motivate the world to look at your other materials of the same interest.

Keep attention on copyright.
Another very important detail is the copyright issue. Any material that does not belong to you, from background music, photos, graphics, video, or which you don't have a legal permission to use it cannot be placed in your video because it will reject it by YouTube, violating the terms and conditions of use of the YouTube Partner Program. Another thing that will lead to sure rejection is the use of inappropriate materials for children.

2. Build a stable audience
Be original
You can attract as many people as possible to watch your videos on YouTube by following some simple rules. You don't have to expect your materials to be so interesting that the world will come to see them for themselves, because that does not happen, no matter how original, comical or interesting they are.

3. Monetize your work on Youtube
When you have a well-populated YouTube channel with quality videos that comply with terms and conditions, and an audience of at least 500-1000 subscribers, you can apply to the YouTube Partner Program.
If you agree all the conditions, and you are accepted, you must start monetizing all of your material from your account so that YouTube starts showing ads to them through Google.

What types of videos do I need to make for getting many subscribers?
- Viral videos (which I have already said)
- The "how to" ones, in which you show people step by step how to do different things
- Those in which you shoot yourself talking about a particular subject (a good example would be commenting on weekly viral videos)
- Those of the interview type, whether you give them or you take them
- Gaming videos where people recording playing various games
- Funny videos in which there is a comic or a stupid situation
- Shocking videos, such as stunts
- Videos in which you expose a talent, whether it's drawing, dribbling the ball or anything else

Be patient!
In order for your content to be approved for monetization on YouTube, you could expect up to 2 weeks for as long as the check-up takes.
In addition, you cannot make an exact calculation of how much money you can earn with a certain number of viewers. There is no fixed income conversion rate. An average could be $ 1 to $ 1,000, but it really depends on what kind of video is monetized, how well you've chosen your keywords for description, title and tags, size and positioning of the audience.

How to optimize videos - SEO
I said earlier that these videos (except viral) should be optimized. For this, the first one step is to have a keyword you're trying to run, for example: how to draw.
Ideal is to look for keywords just like you do when you search for blog articles with the Google Keyword tool and choose those that have at least 150 monthly searches. The only difference is that you need to find keywords that show you video results when you search them directly in Google.

What are the factors that matter most to keyword searches?
Here's a small list of factors YouTube includes in its search algorithm:
- Number of views
- How much time people watch your video (on average)
- Relevance of keywords
- The length of the video - preferably be at least 4-5 words (content more, as with articles, rank better)
- The authority of YouTube channel (channel title, playlists, frequency of new videos)
- Video comments
- Likes and dislikes
... practically, every detail counts, so it's important that you also pay attention to detail when you put videos and have a well-rounded strategy.

Tips to gather as many views as possible
- Write descriptions as long as possible - at least 250 words and add the keyword to it at least once, preferably at first, in the first 25 words.
- Uses thumbnails that attract clicks
- Encourages people to like, subscribe to the channel, and leave comments
- Organizes videos in playlists
- Use the keyword in the .mp4 file before uploading it
- Add tags when you upload (look at the other videos on the keyword you choose and see what tags they put to rank the video)
- Send email to subscribers every time you have a new video
- Do pass over audio part
- Use annotations to link other videos inside the video
- Choose a good YouTube username, unless you have a blog and the name of that may even be the name of the blog. If you want to do a little personal branding then you can also use your name as an account name.
- Put videos as often as you can
- Keep the background sound silenced, especially when you talk
- Be patient! A successful channel is not made with 3 videos just as a successful blog is not made with 3 posts. We need long-term sustained effort and content of the best quality to be successful.

• Interesting statistics: 30% of YouTube videos capture 99% of views, a fact that many people don't know when they upload videos. If you want quality videos (where you actually shoot, do not just put text on the screen), you need:
- A decent camera (DSLR or Mirrorless);
- Lights;
- Good sound equipment;
- Decent video editing software (Camtasia is good enough to start with).

So, you can make money with the YouTube network, but like any business it requires a lot of work and passion. Good luck!


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Wow, you have won my heart because after reading your post, I got so much useful information related to YouTube. I really like your post so keep sharing and waiting for another post.