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Tutorial How to Monetize a Blog


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''How do I make money on my blog? "," How do I monetize my personal blog?", "How do I earn money from online advertising? "," How do I make money on the Internet? " There are questions that any blogger put at some point.
Whether you already have a personal blog and would like to combine the fun with the useful, whether you want to create a special blog to get a financial gain, the information below will definitely help you.

Last time I showed you how you can start a blog. Today you will see how to make money from it!

Making money from the blog can be a profitable business, especially since you do not invest in time and possibly a very small amount on a domain name and hosting. But, you can also have a blog on a free blogging platform, such as WordPress or Blogspot, and earn money.

Methods to make money with your blog:
1. Google Adsense
Google AdSense is an online advertising program that provides text, image, or video ads to site owners. Advertisers sign up via Google AdWords and pay for ads based on Pay-Per-Click, Cost-Per-Thousand or Cost-Per-Action. Profit is shared between Google AdSense and site owners who have enabled ads on their site. CPC (Cost-per-click) is the most popular and easy to use method.
In conclusion, you will be paid for every click a visitor gives to the ads displayed on your blog.

Just create a Google AdSense account and put the code provided by the blog program. There are special plugins or widgets for placing your Adsense code or you can put the code directly into your blog source.

There are two strategies for strategically placing AdSense ads:
1. Announcements "trompe l'oeil": place text ads under the article or in the article, so that the ad text is similar to your article. (Text color, background of the page ...).
2. Highly visible ads: You can place 250x250 blocks at the top of an item or in the right border of the page. Since they are more visible, users may click more often.

You should know that the top, center, and left ads are the ones that are most viewed by visitors.

AdSense analyzes the text on your blog and thus determines which ads to show. If advertisements that target keywords that have been bid more are posted on the blog, you will get higher earnings. To find out which keywords are most competitive, you can use the Google AdWords tool.

Note: In order to earn a decent amount of Adsense, your blog must have a huge traffic.

2. Affiliate
Affiliate is a good way to monetize a blog.

The blog owner, named in this case ''afilliate'', publishes the advertiser's advertisement on the blog. Visitors who come to the affiliate's blog become potential advertiser's customers. The affiliate gets money based on various actions taken by visitors: visits to the advertiser's website, shopping on the advertiser's site, newsletter subscription ... etc. We're talking about several types of campaigns: CPA (cost-per-action), CPC (cost-per-click), or CPS (cost per sale).

The affiliate platform counts all of these shares, and the revenue is shared between you and your affiliate.

If you choose a CPS campaign, you have to make sure that the products or services offered by the advertiser are of high quality. If the advertiser doesn't sell, you don't win.

Note: In order to earn a decent amount of Affiliate, your blog must have very high traffic or a significant number of subscribers.

3. Promote
It's the simplest way to make money online. You can edit articles to promote an online store / a location / product / service or simply blog posts written by an advertiser or an SEO agency.

The price of an advertorial varies depending on several factors:
-> the age of the blog;
-> number of articles;
-> the quality of existing items;
-> number of unique visitors per month;
-> balance between the number of advertising articles / sponsored (advertorial) and personal / non-promotional items;
-> the blog niche (whether or not focused on a specific field of activity such as tourism, IT, fashion & beauty, etc.).

Generally, the price for publishing an already advertised post is 10$ and can reach up to $100, if it's a very popular blog.

4. Sell Links
You can add a site in Blogroll for a monthly amount. The amount is set according to the popularity of your blog. If your blog has a large PR or a lot of unique monthly visitors, the site you add to your list of referrals will earn (either in terms of PR transfer or in terms of increasing visits).
It's a good way to make money, but do not overdo it.

5. Banner advertising
Another way to make money through the blog is to place banner ads. Payment is usually made by paying a fixed monthly fee or by setting a cost per click.

6. Create your own product
If you own a fashion blog, for example, you could very well sell clothes or jewelry ... You can create your own necklaces, jewelery, rings ... There is a whole industry, real and passionate.
You also have the opportunity to sell several types of information products: Ebooks, software that you have developed, a WordPress plugin ...