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How to promote your start-up business in the online environment


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If you have a business or are going to open one, surely a problem will be the promotion in the online environment, especially if you do not have the opportunity to call a specialist.

What do you need?

Domain - First of all, you need a web site like "example.ro".

Hosting - You then need a hosting space and the actual creation of your website and content. Once you have these 3 essential elements, follow the promotion steps.

Social Networks - One of the most important ways of communicating with potential clients is social networking and time allocation. So it creates a business page on social networks and a blogging section inside the site. Constantly updates content on the blog and promotes it on social networks. If you do not post regularly, traffic will drop exponentially or will not increase. gives the readers the opportunity to post comments or questions, to receive answers as quickly as possible.

Images - When you post blog content, it also uses a representative image, as it will have an immediate impact on the user.

SEO - It is recommended to use a plug-in for SEO when creating content. It helps search engines position the article as high as possible, depending on the keywords.

Newsletters - if you have the email addresses of the clients you've worked with or have a section of the website where they want to subscribe, you can send weekly newsletters with offers and news of the services they offer. But email addresses are not being purchased, as these messages will be considered spam by those who receive them and the reputation of the business will suffer.

Also, in the case of some services, the blog can update useful customer information. The more you bring in as many readers, the more customers can.

The online environment requires perseverance and patience to achieve the desired results. If you have these strengths, in time, your business will become visible in the online environment and customers will not delay appearing. All you have to do is keep a professional relationship, offer you irreproachable services because they will continue to recommend you, which will make your portfolio grow.

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