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How to use domain extensions in creative marketing


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Most well-known companies and branding have a website with a common domain extension such as net, .com, .eu. But did you know that, starting in 2014, new web domain extensions began to appear, encompassing a wide range of options?

Starting from .academy to .xyz, the new TLDs cover a wide range of recording possibilities. These new extensions can be used to promote business, creative marketing, and direct customer engagement. If the domain with a specific extension is strategically placed together with the existing website, it can create a name and a memorable link that ultimately can be directed to the main website.

Here are some examples where new domain extensions can create multiple points of interest in interacting with potential customers or increasing their loyalty.

Promoting a sale

If your online store attends the Black Friday event, it's the ideal opportunity to create an online marketing campaign using the .blackfriday extension. The domain name may remain the same, just that instead of .com or .net will be .blackfriday, which can redirect to the main site.

Promotion of a contest

If you use a contest to promote certain products with at least one or more winners, you can use the .win extension, which has a greater emotional impact than a classic extension. The link will certainly have a positive impact on social networks or any other online communication channel.

Your own online CV

If your job is an actor or an architect, the .actor or .architect extension will tell you everything about yourself before you access the website.

Events organisation

If your company deals with organizing events, the .events extension is perfect for your domain, even if it's only used to redirect traffic to the main site.

The list can continue with many ellite extensions specific to any type of online business, such as the domain it (.click, .download, .design, .hosting etc), sport (.bike, .fishing, .dance, .florist etc) commerce (.clothing, .discount, .boutique, .moda etc) or hobbies (.guitars, .bio, .surf, .photography, .cooking etc).

SEO Impact

Google has not made any official statement on the SEO impact of the new TLDs, but many experts believe that they have a positive impact and help in a better positioning.

How to use the new TLDs

Using new domain extensions is not limited, as there are multiple variations. If you do not want to give up your already-established domain name and become a brand in the online environment, you can start with a non-business domain name just to redirect traffic to the main site and to a marketing campaign.

The new TLDs offer online businesses the opportunity to grow and promote, as well as to interact directly with the target audience.