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Tested How To Use Facebook Live For Business


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One of the most recent ways to connect, which caught up with most social channels, is native, real-time stream. Today we are talking about "live", namely Facebook Live.
Because it's a straightforward step in your Facebook Marketing and Facebook Live strategy, today I'll show you how to use this tactic for your business - to create a unique, beneficial and credible connection between brand and potential customers.

The concept itself is simple. When using Facebook Live, you basically record a video that your audience can see in real-time and can react to it through comments.

The social platform we are talking about, Facebook, is the perfect framework since the network was created on the principle of interaction. So, from the start, we have a natural, easy-to-person frame.

The question is how do you make sure your videos are interesting to the audience? How do you make sure you get views and comments as statistics say (that's 10 times more than a normal video)?

1. Invest in equipment
If you want to show people that you are a professional, you are trustworthy, a poor quality video that shakes from all wrists will not help you much.
Any sign of amateur will bring you another point in the minus because it will put the audience's patience to the test and break the connection.
That's why I recommend you invest in basic equipment for your filming. And when I say "invest" doesn't mean that you have to get all the budget ready to buy the best camera, light, blah blah.

For starters, take a tripod. Trust me, it will be invaluable because your videos will not go out. Are you filming in a location where you do not have a tripod? It's nothing, it uses a selfie stick to stabilize the image

2. Test before making a live
Let's be honest, most likely we all hit the pond in the first try. There is a place for mistakes and it is very possible to be a little nervous since it is the first time you want to send a live message to your audience.

Here's why I recommend testing you before recording live.

Fortunately, Facebook even provides you with a helpful way to test yourself. All you have to do is change your privacy settings to "Only Me". Once you've changed your setting, record a few test videos to accommodate the idea of "live", "world", "speaking in public", etc.

3. Make sure you have a good connection
Connecting to the net is a big problem when you want to make a live. When your video is interrupted, people lose their patience, scroll away, the number of views and comments drops, the video dies, it's a disaster ...

So if you have access to Wifi or a 4G connection is perfect. If you are transmitting from outside or from an area with a poor connection, try to find another location. Even Facebook gives you a signal when you have a poor connection: the Go Live button is gray.

4. Create a structure on what you want to convey
Sure, Facebook Live was created on the idea of spontaneity, the idea that each of us can show the world something interesting, something that can bring about a change. But just as true is that your message needs logic to be easy to use and understand.

I recommend that you have at your disposal at least 3-4 central ideas around which to build your speech. Also, think about the order of these ideas, because you want a logical structure, easy to follow by the audience.

5. Leave room for spontaneity
Don' say a rigid discourse, as if you read it from a sheet or you would have memorized it. After all, since the video is live, it's obvious that you will not have total control over how it is running. In the meantime you will come up with other ideas, you will get questions from those who look at you and the answers can lead your live in a different direction than the one you first imagined.

6. Create context for those who do not know you
Before jumping directly into the subject, give a context to those who don't know you and know nothing about your intentions. As with any other type of event, at first, tell your audience who you are, where you are and what you are going to talk about.

This presentation is designed to create the first connection between you and those who look at you.

7. Periodically, recapitulate what is happening
Another thing you have to remember about live is that people will join at different times. In other words, at the beginning of the live, it's possible to have 10 viewers, but by 5 minutes their number could reach 100, 200 viewers, etc.

It is in this context that the goat and cabbage must be embroiled, informing the new viewers about the context, but without bothering the viewers who have been with you from the beginning. At different intervals (depending on the lug of life) reminds the audience about the theme of the video and what has happened so far.

8. Be relaxed and natural
Yeah, I know, it's easier to say than to do. However, users can tell from miles away if the live is spontaneous, natural or directed, created only for the purpose of selling something.

9. React to users' comments
One of the simplest and most effective options available to you during a live, in order to increase the level of interaction, is the answer to the questions/comments of the viewers.

Make sure you spend part of the live by responding to comments because this is the secret for the whole process to be more intimate, more organic. And to give more power to your messages, you can tell the name of the person who left the comment when you answer it.

10. Stay live longer than average
Statistically, Facebook recommends staying live between 10 minutes minimum and 90 minutes maximum. This is basically the point when you want to maximize the level of interaction and reach as many viewers as possible.
Logically, the more you stay live, the more chances you have more viewers growing. Still, a 90-minute live video is like the death of passion.

Do you use Facebook Live for your business? Do you find it too complicated to do something different from your competition?