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How to use Google Plus for your business?


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Google Plus is currently used by 540 million users, managing to raise 90 million in the first year of launch (Facebook has reached the same number of users in 4 years and Twitter in 5 years). However, when it comes to social media, most people connect with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and less with Google Plus. Before telling about how to use Google Plus effectively, I think it's important to understand the benefits this platform offers.

Why use Google Plus?
A large number of users - with more than 540 million active users each month, Google Plus is the world's 2 most popular social networking site after Facebook. Companies are increasingly focusing on this social network. Their clients follow them, and if you do not keep up with the changes that occur frequently in the online environment and in the behavior of customers and potential customers, they will choose a company that is more careful about such details.
Brand engagement - Studies show that more than 3 million users interact with over 2,500 posts through social networks. Brand posts on Google Plus have had a roughly equal impact on Facebook posts and almost doubled on Twitter posts.
All posts on Google Plus are indexed by Google Search - the first positions of search engine results are most hunted by online business owners because 50% of clicks are targeted to them.

In order to have the desired results and benefit from the benefits that Google Plus offers, you must keep in touch with customers and potential customers. As your site needs to always have new content, information about the latest news or offers, your social media profiles have the role of giving clients and potential customers the opportunity to get to know you in a less informal environment.

How to use Google Plus?
Google Plus on other social networks
Post on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks that you use about being present on Google Plus and offering them a direct link to your profile. Do not expect everyone to follow you on Google Plus, but it's important to give them another way to interact with your business.

Add pictures and video clips to your posts
They have a much greater impact on visitors than a simple text. Benefit from this to get the curiosity of your site visitors on Google Plus. In addition, if you share a video from your own YouTube channel, the comments you receive will appear on both your Google Plus account and YouTube.

Organize competitions only for friends on Google Plus
While you can not organize contests and promotions on Google Plus, you can make friends and followers from other social networks follow your profile to compete.

Creates various groups (they're called circles on Google Plus)
The advantage that this option offers is that you can clearly distinguish your customers from other companies. Google Plus lets you choose whether to send the message to all groups or just some of them.

Monitor your Google Plus account
Regardless of your field of activity, careful monitoring of each social media account will only bring you benefits. You will always know what customers think about you and your products, what improvements you can bring and what strategy best suits your business.