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How to use Instagram for your business ?


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Social networking is an effective way to attract new clients and keep existing ones. Social media gives you a great deal of openness to potential customers around the world. The speed with which the information circulates is amazing, in just a few minutes you have access to news from any corner of the world. Using Instagram, you can communicate with people and companies with whom it would be very difficult or even impossible to get in touch, all through images. Create your own community on Instagram by using the following practices:
  1. Make a presentation of your products - post pictures with the latest products and try to keep interested users. For example, you can ask questions like "what color do you prefer for product x?" or "what is your favorite product of the two?" You can promote your products by adding pictures of clients or personalities who use it.
  2. Involve your followers in your activities - if you attend a press conference or other event, add pictures from the spot. Also, if you are preparing to launch a new product, you can give them a picture of what it is or when the team is working on completing it.
  3. Make your followers feel special - give them pictures and clues behind the scenes. So, you get their curiosity and they will follow your profile with interest.
  4. Introduce your team and office - when we discover a product that we like, we want to know as much information as possible about what's behind that product. Post pictures with your team and even your office or location where you will be doing business.
  5. Use [HASHTAG]#hashtags[/HASHTAG] - use relevant and specific hashtags. This will attract more followers who are interested in your products and who will continue to comment on your pictures.