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Tutorial How to write a quality advertorial?

Discussion in 'Search Engines Forum' started by WebmastersMind, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. WebmastersMind

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    What does an advertorial use?
    First, with an advertorial, you can borrow the credibility of the site/magazine/newspaper you publish. In fact, advertorials are a kind of advertising masked (which is why they cause controversy in the journalism community) because most people associate something in a credible publication as automatically credible.

    How to write a quality advertorial?
    Do you want to promote and develop your business with a quality advertising campaign? Then remember these ten factors that can guarantee your success.

    1. Study the publication where your advertiser will appear. Find to understand and feel its style. Check competition: what types of promotion they use. Study titles and graphics. Then, as much as possible, try to model your advertorial after these articles.

    2. Read the Ad Publishing Policy. Some publishers do not accept advertisements that do not look like editorial content. As a result, they insist that your advertisers have some visible differences. OK, that's understandable, and you can make your advertorial look like an ordinary article.

    Typically, most publishers will use the word "advertising" or the letters (P) or (A), written in lower or lower letters of your article. Others will only publish such articles in special sections.

    3. Set an appropriate size. To show as an article, your advertiser must have a dimension similar to the editorial content of that publication. Typically, in order to fit the space, the advertorial should have 450-500 words, including contact information. Remember: these word numbers are approximate. Additional content may be required.

    4. Write an appropriate title. Unlike titles in brochures and advertisements sent by direct mail, a proper advert title is one that looks very similar to the others. In regular publications, you will not see a superlative title that boasts an excessive product or service. Instead, you'll see titles that are straightforward and straightforward. For example, if you promote food for the poor, you can use a title like: "Poor families rely on garbage to warm up and survive."

    5. Use editor name. This gives credibility, especially if the name is recognized by readers. The author's name is also useful. Even if it is not a well-known name, telling it in a secondary line would suggest that the article was "written". Example: "Special Report by John Smith".

    6. Use photos and legend images. Typically, an advertorial is stronger when its photos have a kind of subtitle written below. As with the "article", it includes a secondary photo/image line.

    7. Add quotes. Give more advertorial life quotes from real people, experts, and professionals in their field. Use quotes as testimonials or to give certainty and strengthen certain affirmations. Use them the same way an ordinary journalist would do.

    8. Share the content in sub chapters. Depending on the length of the text. Subchapters can make the material easier to read, especially if it has a comprehensive content. Use them to draw attention to the essential parts of the advertorial.

    9. Open and close with a bang. As with all good forms of communication, the main paragraph should attract the reader, just like the articles in the publication you chose. Do not forget to end the advertorial with something that urges the reader to act.

    10. Includes "call to action" and contact information. Your advertiser may look like an article, but it's still an ad. For this reason, do not forget to include the call to action. Create a sense of urgency and tell your readers exactly what you want them to do - and when!

    Considering all these ideas, you should be able to create an advertorial winner. Now, examine your budget and see if you can test an idea. Start with small steps: first publish in small publications and then grow step by step to larger publicity campaigns in larger publications.
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    should not you also include reference subjects? that is related to what you want to promote and send people to the promotional domain information source
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  3. WebmastersMind

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    Yes! This is an advertorial :)
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