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How to write optimized content


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Writing new and original content on the blog in order to be indexed in search engines to generate traffic can be a real challenge for many site owners. That's why, because it's a pretty difficult task, many are turning to SEO specialists in this area.

Here are some helpful tips on how to write original and quality content from all points of view on your site's blog, whether it's a presentation site, an online store with a blog section, or even a blog on a particular niche:

Increased attention to user needs
The most important thing is to create unique but relevant content for your blog readers. They have to give them exactly what they need, to provide useful messages. The purpose of the content is to teach readers about a particular subject.

Carefully choose your keywords
Content setting is a real way to climb the search engine rankings. The keywords you set are the relevant words that users search for when they want to get information about a particular topic. These should be entered naturally in the text and should be used with a certain density to get the right SEO score.

There are many online tools that help you identify relevant keywords and their density according to the number of words per item specific to your domain.

Periodic content and appropriate length
Good posting is not enough to capture readers and motivate them to come back. There must be periodical articles and posts, at least 1-2 per week, to stimulate interest. Also, the length of the text is recommended to be between 300 and 900 words. The shorter article is too little, unrelenting for SEO, and longer will bore the reader and lose interest.

The best way is to write all the useful information, but respect these limiting criteria.

Choose a good and captivating title
The title is what will attract users to enter or not on the site. It should be short but concise and preferably include the keyword.

For good indexing, it is good to have an internal and an external link on certain words in the article, and you do not have the same key word used for another post. For each post, add a renamed image to the keyword.

Add a descriptive text that will appear in the search engine immediately below the access link. Finally, customize the content so that it is approachable and friendly.

These helpful tips can help you to create relevant content for Google and for your blog readers, helping to promote organic and increase SEO rankings.