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How to write SEO content

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One of the challenges when you want to write content is to determine the topics of interest. Thus, before reaching an editor, an SEO specialist is involved in choosing the themes to be addressed in articles. It will analyze the amount of searches and the level of competition on a topic, and on the basis of them will make the necessary recommendations.

Writing an SEO article will be done by a content writer who will develop a subject, depending on complexity, in up to 2000 words. SEO articles mean, in other words, the development of useful, informative, convincing and valuable content that is in the user's interest.

Content can solve business issues. If you have a good content strategy, the results should not be delayed: you'll get back-links that help increase SEO visibility, quality traffic, and ultimately more conversions.

Native advertising

The concept of native advertising refers to that type of content in which the message is delivered in a form similar to the context in which it appears. This type of article will naturally fit into the editorial line of the platform where it is integrated and brings a clear benefit to the user, giving him the information he or she needs. In this direction, we have more than 200 Romanian publications (sites with good authority) in which we place articles of native advertising.

Good practices for writing articles

Here are some of the advices you need to keep in mind:

  • Choose photos or videos to illustrate the subject you chose
  • Structure - the article must be legible, divided into paragraphs, be subtitled
  • The subject chosen must be treated exhaustively so that the reader can obtain a real benefit
  • The article contains new, interesting, accurate information
  • Content is original, not copied from sources
  • The message is tailored to the public
  • The length of the article should not be less than 600 words. Depending on the subject, an article may reach 1200-2000 words