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If Google Was a Person...


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If Google were a person, it probably had the largest number of virtual friends. After all, who would not want to follow any step of Google's marriage and who would not like to find the news directly from the source? Moreover, who would not like such a "friend" on the list, which in turn will follow its development? We are set and urged to even interact with as many people as possible, and even choose those with the highest level of influence. Or, at the level of online business promotion, who would not want such a friend?

Beyond having friends, if Google were a person, it would most likely have full-time messaging. Queries, requests, posters ... what's more, it would be total chaos, which Google should manage by responding promptly and displaying the most likely results in seconds. Who is the first? Who bid more in Adwords? Which keywords go best in SEO articles? We also think that these are just a few of the messages that Master G. would receive, in the hypothesis of physical, physical existence.

If Google were a person, it would really be a sleeve at every step. Somehow, in its current form, the search engine has its own rules, but if it exists as a person rather than as a virtual entity, most likely a simple walk would turn into a press conference where Google should respond to everyone's dissatisfaction. "Did I properly optimize through SEO articles? Why does not the x page appear? Why do the first sites always show the same sites? "

If Google were a person, he would most likely be a great man from a physical point of view. Of course, that's what we mean. Impenetrable, but with some clever, overflowing intelligence, maybe if you have the patience to go beyond colorful glasses.

If Google were a person, it would probably be the most influential recommendation. How many times have you struggled to influence or recommend something to someone? How many of us can boast true influence veil, be it in SEO optimization through articles or in verbal promotion? Well, we think that from this point of view, Google would "talk" and the world would take notes, most often responding to its recommendations, pure curiosity, or even wanting to listen to a charismatic type that has above all persuasion on his side.

If Google were a person, I think it would be somewhat sad. In its current form, Google generates conversions, which is all right for everyone. But how many of us are we ever saying: "Thank you!" When we receive the much-wanted shots? If Google were a person, it would probably be one with a high degree of "wear" that would turn into a tool and nothing more.

If Google were a person, it would certainly be one of the most persistent. And fluent in speech. Do not you want to visit this store? Of course not? But you may want something from here. But you searched for this keyword, maybe something from here and I know you're thinking ... Perseverant, then. Yes!

If Google were a person, it would certainly be one that would not be intimidated. He would also be one of the most organized people, always having an ac in his sleeve to conquer the audience. I do not know how many of us can boast of this, but Google would be a person with every step calculated and with the right answers anytime. He would say the best jokes in a poker night and he would be the guy in pockets at conferences, slightly bored because he already knows everything. And maybe she'd have a magnet for women ... who knows?


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This is quite fun and interesting lol, you were very creative. The part that calls my attention was: "If Google were a person, I think it would be somewhat sad." and you're right, Google it's like that kind person who always give us help, no matter what, and sometimes we forget to be grateful, in certain way this reminds me of me, when no one need something, no one talks to me :( but I wish I know all that Google knows hahaha

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if google were a person he were the most popular person in the world , and the most inteligent person in the world :))