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If you had $1 billion what things would you buy with the first letter of your name?


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Davis. The letter D.

With an amount like $1,000,000,000 there are endless possibilities.
Logical Davis:
The letter D feels generous. The letter D is for Donate.

Internet Davis:
Everyone knows D is for Dank memes.

Greed Davis:
D is for Diamonds.

Cute Davis:
D is for Dogs.

Bob the Builder:
D is for Duct tape.


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-Bear (probably a polar bear)
-Bakery (love me some baked goods)
-Barbecue (a real nice one)
-Battery (one of those Elon Musk batteries, maybe 2)
-Bed (a bed that lifts up into the ceiling when you don’t need it)
-Breakfast (mmm, breakfast)
-Butcher (who wouldn’t want their own butcher?)
-Butler (to take care of things)


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$1 Billion? Only to be spent on things that start with K? That sounds pretty krazy.*

  • K is for Kindness
    • Technically, I’m not “buying” anything here, but let’s say I’m buying the world a little education, humanitarian aide, equality, and some more time to live
    • $50 million to Planned Parenthood
    • $50 million to World Wildlife Fund
    • $50 million to Egale Canada
    • $50 million to UNICEF
  • K is for Knowledge
    • I’m setting aside $200,000 for my university education. Unless I want to attend an Ivy League school, that should be enough.
  • K is for midlife Krisis*
    • $200 million is going into a savings account, where it will be invested responsibly.
      • This money will cover my retirement plan
      • This money will cover my insurance
      • This money will cover my completely unexpected midlife krisis,* what with my sudden urges to travel the world, buy trendy hipster merchandise, shower the homeless in McDonald’s gift cards, quit my job to become a freelance artist, etc.
Now that my parents have stopped dictating my answer, this leaves me with some leftover money to blissfully splurge on consumerism-driven impulse purchases. I’m getting:

  • 2 Kittens
    • “Adopt” would be the better word here
  • Kit Kats
  • Kix cereal
  • Kebabs
  • Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
  • Kool-Aid
  • Kraft Foods


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The Vatican. Not the staff, which can continue to do as they wish. But think of all those art works!
Vanilla. I’d lay in a lifetime’s supply. You can never have too much.
Villas. I’d buy one in Europe somewhere and one in Southeast Asia.
Vipers. Pits of vipers can protect my villas. Who needs a moat when you can scare intruders off with venomous snakes?
Have I run out of money yet? If not, I’ll buy vino. By the vat. Some of you might think I should buy vodka, but I don't like drink.