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Influence of SEO Yoast in Articles and Advertorials


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Beyond writing articles to increase the content of a site, it is only natural to be interested in their quality level. Often we lose sight of this and try to make "content infusions" through texts that may or may not bring value to the site, but maybe we should actually remind ourselves that the idea of SEO optimization through articles and advertisements should not counterbalance the original content, unique and educational.

The limit between knowing what to write and mistaking is pretty fragile, and that's one more reason to make sure that we succeed by using programs or plug-ins that will give us some indications, especially at the beginning of the road. Yoast SEO is one of the most used SEO plugins, which is not bad, as long as we manage to see a little beyond it.

SEO Yoast, like the other similar plugins, is based on the behavioral idea of the Google algorithm. Some of Google's regulations are actually plugins. We appreciate that Yoast is very easy to use and causes us to fix what is being reported to us, so most of the green bullets displayed indicate the most important and desirable thing: optimization level - "SEO-Good!"

But what we could say is that the program really needs to be followed carefully. However, the idea of SEO optimization by articles and advertisements does not involve the robotization of the process but, on the contrary, its humanization. In vain, we respect the rules of external links or internal links, if we neglect the human component (readers). In vain we mark a certain density of keywords/number of words in the text if the article sounds somewhat unnatural.

Article optimization needs to be done by thinking somewhat "outside the box". Yoast does what he does, but it's not all that someone dictates you, and you do it. And in addition, if Yoast would do everything in terms of SEO optimization through articles, we did not exist anymore, do not you think?

We love Yoast that it quickly synchronizes with the changes made in the text. We find it useful to quickly and simply optimize a text, but without putting too much emphasis on the idea of personal dedication. You can optimize meta descriptions, and you can easily focus on the keyword that the plug-in identifies (or not, in which case it's your attention) in all the specific fields: (title, slug, meta description).

As a note of amusement, we rarely achieved a good readability in SEO Yoast. But we know that it's up to us here, because we often try to explain things in detail, creating phrases that may be slightly cumbersome with long paragraphs. But for us, this is not an inconvenience, because when writing articles we think about what the reader understands and not necessarily the way the article is seen by the search engine.

SEO Yoast can be a good solution when you want to optimize a text quickly. On efficiency, however, I say that there is, but that there is always room and better. You can do it better if you get involved in optimization, if you ask for the opinion of the specialists and implement solutions that do not predominantly involve a write algorithm. Involvement is the key!