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Instagram automate (bot) growth service


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I will run your account in my private bot for monthly fee!

The bot will emulates mobile app. No risk of ban, the bot is completely undetectable by Instagram.

  • Follow users based on various filters like: gender, minimum follow ration...
  • Schedule per day and per hour when the bot should be performing what action
  • Follow
  • Unfollow
  • Like

Free trial for everyone to test :

Mods and admin : 1 week free
50+ post : 3 day free
new member : 1 day free

Price : 15$ per month

To run the accounts you will need proxy. Proxy is not included in the price. I don't sell proxy, you will need high quality proxy to run the accounts!

Refund policy : if I can not run your account you will get full refund. If the bot has downtime, the run time will increase with the downtime

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Interesting service but for now I don't know any proxy service to use your growth mode. If I will get, or if I will began a strategy to make money from IG you are the first on my list!