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I want to make some kind of understanding between us.
Each comes with a link (facebook page/post, google+ page/post etc.) and you need to like or subscribe (depends on what it need to the user). In your turn, you can bring links and so on. What do you say?
I will be the first who starts with a Facebook page. You need to push the like button: https://www.facebook.com/Wake-up-Side-1489591594391485/

1. Post link with what you need (like, subscribe... and so on)
2. Tell your username that you subscribed/liked to the other users
3. Dont's spam with advertisements.
4. If someone gave you like you have to give it back. You are not allowed to rush (get what you need and go away)
5. Are not allowed illegal services like warez etc.

So we can grow communities, make money faster and grow...