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Long or Short SEO Articles?


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We live in the recipe era, there are recipes for everything. Do you want to make concrete? Water, aggregate, and cement. Want to make pancakes? Milk, flour, eggs, and salt. Do you want organic traffic on your blog? Write and deal with SEO optimization. But when it comes to SEO, what do we have? Well, it's simple: inspiration, creativity, keywords and ... a laptop (or phone, as the case may be). After so many Google changes and algorithms, when we write articles we can be pretty confused. How long should these be? Is there a standard size? Is there a miracle recipe?

I have heard people complaining about the fact that over a certain number of words have been warned about the possibility of not being surely written content articles SEO. On the other hand, most SEO plugins require a minimum starting point for SEO articles, each with its own norm.

Generally, however, a 300-500 word SEO is covered, as this gives us the opportunity to convey correct, educational information, but also to use the most relevant keywords correctly. Of course, when we write SEO articles, we should also keep in mind that we will not limit ourselves to a certain number of words, just because a certain value is recommended.

Here is the clear difference between writing for Google and writing for users. When you abandon a sudden idea or find a final not just successful and easy to force, just to meet a certain number of words, you can not expect that content to be too well rated by users. At the opposite end, there is a situation where you write a lot of content but without much information. It is good to maintain a certain equality of forces, meaning that once you talk about a particular subject, it is recommended that the text created is really interesting and meets the needs of the readers. Explanations and examples can make the SEO optimized content a lever that the user can rely on and hence will give you the desired recurrence. He will know you find the quality information and will return to read it (or recommend it further).

Although it is supposed that too much text is not well-indexed by Google, we do not agree very well with this. A long, informative and well-optimized text is likely to be well-rated. In reality, the idea underlying a long text is not well-indexed, it keeps the user behavior. They will not have the patience to go through 3 pages to read about a subject unless the subject really is one that 'burns'. The reader is looking for the information briefly described and seems to appreciate more the articles he finds in the first paragraphs.

Consequently, we also have the free will in terms of the optimization of SEO articles. You decide how long or short you will write the future SEO articles. No size is the most important, although it matters. Important is the best-developed, interesting and educational content that supports the user in his / her information.