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Mails that arrives in JUNK


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There are several reasons about why this happens and, unfortunately, the way Yahoo, Google and other third parties manage what is spam is not in our power. At the most, we can ask organizations that "blacklist" ("add to blacklist") domains that seem dubious to analyze/re-analyze the domain that was listed with spammers and wait for it to be removed from the list.

How does blacklist work?
It's enough that the app that filters the messages considers a file attached as "dubious" or a word used in the email, and ready, gets the message in the Junk folder. Or Spam folder. Or directly to the trash if your mail client is set up like this.

It's enough to send too many emails from your domain at once to Gmail or Yahoo. It's enough that too many of the mails you send to an older list of contacts are no longer valid. It's enough to mark your mail as junk/spam as a few recipients. It's sometimes enough to share the hosting space with multiple hosting accounts (one of which is blacklist).

There are many possibilities, the solution is not simple.

And yet, is there a solution?

  1. First of all, NEVER send spam.
  2. Then make sure that your laptop or desktop or phone or tablet that you set up the mail does not have viruses (many viruses send spam without the owner's knowledge of the contaminated device from the email addresses set on it).
  3. Use a yahoo or gmail mailing address to sign up for various account sites, but where you know that you will not be in the second place.
  4. Periodically change the password of the email address you use for important referrals.
But I have to send a mail NOW. What I have to do?
An effective and commonly used solution for Gmail or Yahoo mail services is to take the next steps in initiating any communication:

Announce sending - by phone or via the various messengers (Facebook Mesenger, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.), stating that if the person did not receive the mail, report this fact.

Encourage those who have not received the message sent to search the Spam/Junk folder properly;
After identifying the message in the Spam/Junk folder, prompts the following who receive the messages in that folder:
a) to mark them as legitimate (not junk),
b) move them to Primary Inbox/Inbox
c) add the address in the Address Book.

In this way, no problems arise during future communications.

However, if the recipient uses an account on their own domain, hosted by a hosting provider, ask him to ask the hosting company to find out why your mail is not received and then remove it (if possible).

And temporarily use a Yahoo or Gmail account to receive your referrals.