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Major change made by Google to meta description


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The new maximum number of characters allowed has not yet been "officialized", but from what I noticed, the average has increased considerably from 160 characters to 230 characters. In some of my searches, I've even seen 320-character descriptions.

To be clear to everyone, the description (meta description) refers to those phrases describing the results from the search page, and by SERP we refer to the Search Engine Results Page (Results Page)

Google says they have increased on average the number of characters in descriptions so users can better understand how relevant pages are to search results.

The known limit of all was spinning up to 160-170 characters long ago. There have always been on the results page and a few pages with a longer description, but their number has increased considerably.

How does this update affect us?
Descriptions will be more loaded with information, and specialists will have more freedom to add relevant content and keywords.

We might consider adding the number of characters in the descriptions, but I would say that it is still not necessary. For most pages that have not just set a description, Google takes a larger number of characters, depending on the search. I started to do some tests, I will return with the results.

If it is a permanent update and it's not just another series of tests, it will be necessary to follow the rankings in the next period and take action.