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Making logo with PS

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by csscoll, Jun 24, 2017.

  1. csscoll

    csscoll Active Member Registered

    I need to make few professional logos for my company using PS. i have heard about few logo making software but i don't know why i trust on PS for best result. Mm.. some tutorial will be helpful for me. I can accept your help also. lol
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  2. Roversin11

    Roversin11 Well-Known Member Registered

    PS is the best for logo design. There are many websites on internet providing guidelines for designing logo. and also providing some example of logos. You can get batter idea from there also.
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  3. WebmastersMind

    WebmastersMind Administrative Staff Member Official Support SEO Expert Freelancer

    For logos, you can try also Adobe Illustrator because you are working with vectors. For more special effects use Photoshop after you finished the base in AI
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  4. Ovi

    Ovi Well-Known Member Registered Active Member

    Try this software "AAA Logo - Logo Creation Software" and "logosmartz". But I usually create logos in photoshop itself.
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  5. Francisc

    Francisc Active Member Registered

    Photoshop is the best for making Logos. As somebody wrote AAA Logo Creator and LogoSmartz are also quite nice tools. You could also use Illustrator
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  6. J.D

    J.D Member Registered

    I have a medium graphic design skills and i recommend you Adobe Illustrator. It have a simple options and vectors, perfect for a logo design.
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  7. Minadeep

    Minadeep Active Member Registered

    you can take inspirations from websites such as logopond.com

    google for 'logo design inspirations' and you'll find more.
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  8. luispas

    luispas Well-Known Member Registered Active Member

    I've never used Adobe Illustrator, I only use Photoshop and I find really fun to make logos there, it's simple and easy. I enjoy using PS, it has so much tools that can help you with logo designs. All my logos have been made on PS.
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  9. newbie

    newbie Active Member Registered Active Member

    Not only logo making software is important. It would be great to get good ideas and inspiration for your logo.
  10. Wolf Soul

    Wolf Soul Active Member Registered

    I guess that you are not a regular user of PhotoShop. Well, PhotoShop is powerful software most widely used. You can achieve almost anything with it. But imho for logo design it's better to use vector editing software like Illustrator.
  11. MichaelBrown

    MichaelBrown Member Registered

    Photo is very powerful,you can experience it by yourself
  12. PrelanMC

    PrelanMC Guest

    search on youtube. you will find a lot of videos with PS
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  13. CyRaw

    CyRaw Well-Known Member Registered SEO Expert Freelancer Active Member

    Try on Youtube, you will fin a lot of tutorials for beginners!

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