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Meta description is not required


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In order to promote a site, the site optimization must be done first and has one of the tasks to be done: meta description - that should be unique for each page.

Although it is universally valid for a web page to contain the meta description, this is not required. The general rule is that if the page refers to one and three words that make expressions that are highly sought after, it is done with a meta description that targets those users who are searching.

If the page is targeted by traffic (three or more keywords), for example, with hundreds of articles or blog entries, or even a huge product catalog, it may sometimes be wiser to let the search engines extract the text relevant.

The reason is simple: when engines collect information, they always show keywords and phrases around what we searched for. If a webmaster forces a meta description, it can affect the relevance of the results, displaying in the search engines is naturally done. In some cases, search engines will cancel the meta description anyway. If it's a site that is supposed to be constantly displayed on social networking sites, it's important to keep in mind that social sites will see only the title of the page and will not apply the description.

Ideally, the meta description should be more relevant to the content of the page and not contain words that do not exist inside the page even though these words are important for other pages in the content of the same site.