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[Method] How to grow your Instagram account safe


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This method is based on my own experience. I have been experiencing the growth of instagram accounts for over 2 years. With ups and downs! So let's start!

First you will need to create an instagram account or to buy one or more!

If you want to create your own instagram accounts you will need: proxy, nox player to change your device and mail addresses (you will also need sim cards for PV)
In the early days of creating the instagram account, do not do too many actions. Just add a profile picture, follow some accounts that are suggested to you!

After a few days add a description to bio and slowly begins to follow other accounts:

First week: 50 and maximum 6-7 per hour
Then, every 2-3 days, add 25-20 , up to a maximum of 400 per day and no more than 30 per hour. After you reach 4-5000 following, you start to unfollow.

Do not do more than 400 actions a day, follow, unfollow, like, comment, dm. After you have 2-3,000 followers you can add a link to the bio.

If you want to add a link to a CPA offer, you will need to mask your link using pre-lander!

If you have any questions, please reply to this post!