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[Method] Youtube + CPA


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This is the first method I add to this forum. So I'll explain briefly how you can make money with youtube and CPA! Old method but still GOLD

Well you will need a YouTube account, a domain, an account on a CPA network like ogads and a bit of imagination.

You will need to create the landing page for your domain, so you have to find a niche that is not too saturated. It is best to look for games next to come. If you do not know how to create a simple LP: you only need to find a competitor and rip theirs!

Create something like "fornite 5 beta keys" add a "generated" button then link to the CPA offer where the user needs to complete a survey, add a mail or download a game!

Then create a video by tapping the "bandicam" screen with the steps you need to get the beta keys. Of course there is no beta keys because we will sent them to the CPA offer.

Upload the video on Youtube and then send HQ fake views to the video. You must be receiving your views at least within an hour. The more the better. This is how you rank best in youtube!