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My Advertising Network Strategies


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With the approval of administrators, I can bring you my best 3 effective strategies for monetizing a site, especially a blog. You have often asked yourself how you can convert your work into money. But you have never managed to find a perfect combination to monetize. As things seem so simple, many think you just need to make a site and a bank account, then the money goes into your account alone at the end of the month ...
It's not like that. The money will come only after you have a minimum of 500 daily visits (unique) and you have signed up for some certain advertising networks + hard work!

Strategy # 1: Affiliate Programs
Affiliate programs can bring serious cash if you have serious traffic. But let's what actually means the therm affiliate.
An affiliate program is essentially a contract between you and someone who's selling products on the Internet, through which you send visitors over a special link and it gives you a percentage of the sale.
You can sell expensive or inexpensive, physical or informational products, it is important that they "match with the statistics of your site."
Do you have a beauty blog? Try to sell cosmetics and clothes for women. Do you have a car blog? You may find a car parts shop with affiliate program.
You have to fully understand your readers to know what to sell. And then you can not be sure which products are selling better. You need to test the relevant ones, compare them, then promote them more with those with the highest conversion rate.
The advantage of affiliate programs is that you don't have to deal with products. Leave it to others, so you can concentrate 100% on your work.
Some examples of affiliate networks that I use and are very efficiently:
Google Ads, CJ Affiliate, ShareASale, Rakuten LinkShare, PopAds.

Strategy # 2: Advertising Banners
A very good alternative to affiliate programs are so-called direct buys. Through a direct buy, someone buys advertising space on your site for a fee paid in advance.
The advantage is that you are not interested in how well the product is sold. If the owner wants to start a campaign on your site and pay with cash, you have nothing else to do just put the banner and collect the money.

Strategy # 3: Electronic Books
Electronic books are very popular in the US. The strategy consists in creating a site / blog that has a minimum of 500-600 visitors per day, write a book in Word, export it as PDF and publishing it.
Then you need some banners coming to your blog and promoting it, along with some promotional emails (if you have a list of subscribers).
That's just a short way. If you want to develop this strategy you can even make a partnership with Amazon and sell your books in Kindle format. Although the revenue will not be high, you will start making the first money on the net relatively early because you will have sales out there that do not necessarily come from your blog but they are sent directly by Amazon.

Thanks for reading out my strategies, I hope these helped you.
Good luck with your business.


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Wow, you come up with amazing advertising networking strategies. I really like to read your given points and very useful for me. Another offline advertising strategies to use for marketing any business is promotional products. Many businesses print their brand name over these best selling promotional items and hand out to their customers as a gift.