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Myth: SEO is just about ranking


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Although there is a strong correlation between search result position and clickthrough rate (CTR), ranking is not the ultimate end goal.

CTR and user behavior studies show that they are looking for the best search results, especially the top 3 positions. However, also on the next pages of Google, the top display is similar to CTR. If certain sites use rich text/snippets, even if they are below the top 3 positions in search results, they may have a much better CTR.

Before these snippets were implemented, the ranking under these 3 positions did not guarantee any success. Theoretically, you can rank quite well for certain keywords to get tons of traffic, but not generate profit at all. Is that what you really want? I do not believe that.

This is a big misconception: "ranking as high as Google means more visitors/clients." It's true that people will see your site more, but it does not mean you get more clicks. There are several reasons for this:

You get into Google words that are not relevant to your domain. To resolve this, do a research keyword to choose the right keywords for your site.
Meta descriptions are not appealing to users. To solve this, it uses a common language when writing down the description and strictly what you offer, and an urge to click a user on your site.
Top search results are not always organic. This is especially true when paid ads are displayed. To combat this, consider quoting queries that are mobile-oriented queries with four paid ads.
The top 3 results could be sites using the Featured Snippet, which can generate more clicks. To fix this, make sure to implement the snippet so that your site can be displayed in Google's Featured Snippet, which is highlighted.