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Off-Page SEO Optimization


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At the SEO off-page optimization stage, all actions take place on the site and have as their primary purpose to get as many quality links as possible.

Indeed, according to the SEO Dictionary written by the renowned searchmetrics.com site, an off-source SEO online marketing authority represents all the steps that can be taken outside of the site to improve its site's position results. All these measures help create as many possible backlinks as possible.

At this point, the first obvious question arises. Why is there so many links needed for the site to be best positioned in search engines?

For both Google and other search engines - Bing, Yahoo, Yandex or Baidu - these links are basically the main way to differentiate sites and give them better or less good positions in search results. All these links are seen by search engines as trustworthy votes from other sites.

The more votes and more, the more votes from relevant, powerful websites, seen as true authorities in their field of work, all the better.

We can basically say that quantity, diversity, and quality are also the three indispensable ingredients of a campaign to get backlinks and, implicitly, an effective off-page optimization campaign.

Naturally, now there are a lot of questions about how we can get these links.

Who does he trust to give us as links if we have a new site? Which links are more relevant? Can we get such links for a fee? How do we choose sites that we want to link to? Which pages in our site should these links be? What anchors should we use for these links? And the list of questions can continue.

The answers to these questions actually make up the whole out of page optimization strategy for any SEO optimization campaign.

However, the key question in all SEO off page optimization is:

Why would a website, irrespective of its relevance in search engines, agree to quote us even more than to link to our site?

The answer is simple: because we deserve!

And, to deserve to be quoted all over the internet, we must offer quality content. That is why we will continue to discuss Content Marketing.

Content Marketing key element of the Off Page Optimization campaign
The concept of content marketing is not just a new one. If we look deeper into the history of this concept, we will see that its beginnings are found in 1895, when the renowned company John Deere launched the first dedicated magazine for its customers "The Furrow". This is one of the most eloquent examples of offline content marketing.

Today, however, most of the content marketing campaigns have moved into the online environment. It is a natural step as our potential customers have shifted their attention and implicitly spend their time on the internet.

Below we will present the most effective ways to attract attention, to efficiently distribute our content and to gain as many links as possible:

Social Media
Facebook has managed to gather over 1.5 billion users in just a few years. All of them interact faster, easier, give their likes to appealing posts, and share even share so that their friends see what kind of content they appreciate.

Twiter, Google+, Instagram and many other networks of this type that help people interact more capture attentive pace and time of potential customers. Intuitively, much of the efforts of the content marketing campaign need to focus on social networks.

Creating and distributing infographics
Properly used can become one of the most viral tools to gain quality links. It's neither simple nor inexpensive to think and implement a quality infographic, but the results can be over expectations.

Video Content
It is already demonstrated that people process video information much faster. Create an interesting movie about the products/services you offer, upload it to youtube, facebook or other media that allow this and the results will not delay appearing.
Placing relevant articles in known or niche publications

In a saturated world of information, the content we create must be of quality and equally important to be placed there are the greatest chances of being read and appreciated.

In the same note as SEO on page optimization, any action that relates to the off-site optimization process must empathize with our potential customers. We have to create the content that attracts them, who interests them and place them where they spend most of their time.

The methods presented above are only part of the off-site optimization. The off-page optimization strategy will contain other elements, such as relevant posts on forums, enrollments in specialized business catalogs, business reviews, etc. This will be a natural, organic approach and the SEO results will be the expected ones.