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SEO Page Rank vs SERP


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Page Rank is a Google-specific system developed by its founder Larry Page, focusing on evaluating the value of a web page by analyzing its relevance and authority. The Page Rank classifies websites on a scale from zero to ten, ten being the highest value.

The Page Rank of a website is very much based on the following factors:

1. Link Quality - A site must link to your site to earn a page rank, but the Google Penguin algorithm has a strict requirement, that is, the quality of the page you link to the site you have to have relevant content and be a site that has a higher authority.

2. The structure of your site - it must be structured so that it is easily crawled and the links inside your site are made as relevant. The pages of your site must be properly linked and no page of your web site. It must not be independent.

What is SERP?
The search engine ranking takes into account the traffic of your site on the results page as a result of searches based on the keywords chosen to optimize your site. With regard to Google and other search engines, SERP depends on a lot of factors. For Google, there is a talk of at least two hundred factors that infuse ranking, and each algorithm introduced by Google attempts to include rankings in sites according to the score in SERP. Google's factors include page rank, site structure, content quality, page load time, and social media signals, such as 1+ from Google.

So what's more important?
By concentrating on your site's SERP, you have the advantage of directing traffic to your site based on your rankings. If you manage to get on the first page of Google for a very difficult keyword, you have the advantage of getting traffic, which translates as we know traffic is equivalent to the revenue of your site. As for the page rank, we believe this is a powerful factor that influences traffic, which means that in order to further improve the position of your site in the SERP rankings, you will need to increase the rank of your site pages.