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Prestashop the best e-commerce platform?


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Choosing the ideal platform for developing an online store is a difficult decision that can have a major impact in a startup.

And when you finally decide to open an online business, you will always meet a "friend" to advise you well that may not have all the documentation on the best online store alternative designed for your personal needs.

1. What is Prestashop?
Prestashop is an online platform available for free, it is perhaps one of the most popular e-commerce platforms and can be used on any server running PHP and MySQL.
Installing it very simply by following step by step some very clear instructions.

By way of comparison, I could say that Prestashop ranks better in the community than other open-source platforms such as Opencart.
Neither Prestashop templates are worse, it uses the Smarty template and offers many free themes.

2. What are the advantages of the Prestashop platform?
  • The back-end is organized very coherently and is easy to use by even the most advanced users.
  • It has a large development community where you can get free or cost-free modules
  • Offers many free themes
  • It allows managing a large number of products
  • Intuitive interface
  • Customer-oriented
  • Being one of the most secure e-commerce platforms.
3. What are the disadvantages of the Prestashop platform?
  • Things get complicated when you want to develop your own modules
  • If the store requirements grow, there is no enterprise choice that you choose for this reason most of the time Prestashop is not used by big online stores
  • Most modules cost quite a lot
  • Much of the module does not work on new versions.
In conclusion, by analyzing both the advantages and disadvantages that it offers us, Prestashop remains a good choice that can have a major impact in an online startup.