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Psychology tips to improve your Online Store


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There are many sources of inspiration when planning the future of your online store. You can use Google Analytics, or look at companies that have already been successful.
Another idea is to better understand your audience, and apply some practical tips in psychology.
In this thread, we've prepared five psychology tips that can be applied to eCommerce. With these ideas, you can optimize your store and marketing strategy.

1. Start with a small commitment and increase the stakes gradually
Generally speaking, a man at the first visit to the store will not be willing to place an order. He may not be able to decide what to buy and trust the company brand if he is barely making his first impression.

Then the question is how to encourage that visitor to come back to your store when he is determined to buy.

The answer is to convince him to make a lower commitment, such as subscribing to the newsletter, completing a questionnaire or simply visiting the blog.

The reason these strategy works is related to how the human mind justifies its actions. In particular, if a person makes a favor to another person, he will justify that action through sympathy, even if that sympathy does not yet exist. In short, a favor leads to another.

In the context of digital commerce, following a commitment, the visitor will justify his action by being interested in the store. Once the visitor formulates that opinion, he will be willing to make a greater commitment. This is the basis of many marketing campaigns, which slowly guide visitors to place an order.

2. Always offer a quick solution
One of the most common complaints about online commerce is that it takes too long to get the order. This has prompted more courier companies to provide priority transport services.

The lesson in psychology is that people attribute a higher value to immediate gains than future ones. In more practical terms, many will prefer to receive 2 dollars today than 20 next week, for example.

Based on this attribute, you can do a number of things to increase your sales:

  • Adds a courier option at a higher cost. Many prefer to pay more than to wait.
  • Provides real-time support to customers. You will have fewer customers dissatisfied with this way.
  • Add an emergency air to your offers (limited stock, deadline). A feeling of "now or never" can convince visitors to place orders they would not normally do.
3. Speak on the client's language
Part of a company's brand is how it communicates with the audience. The way of expression, the formal or informal style, and the words used to outline the personality of the store and affect the perspective of clients and visitors.

People are social beings. They are groups and tend to form better opinions about those belonging to the same groups as themselves. In this context, a group is a collective of people reunited by a common feature or opinion (musical tastes, political vision, geographical area, etc.).

E-commerce sites can benefit from this. Explore as much as possible the target groups of the store. Identifies their tastes, preferences, and behavior. Once you know these details, you will be able to express yourself in the same way.

Speaking in clients' language, they will perceive your company as "part of the group". Thus, you will form a stronger relationship with them, and they will be more open to your store offerings.

4. Be funny
Humor can be a very powerful element in a marketing campaign. A 1993 study has determined that humor in commercials, when used properly, increases the interest of the audience and the chance for them to buy.

There are three reasons why jokes have this effect:

  • We're keeping a little funnier. We see countless commercials a day, but we forget most of them. That's why it's important to be memorable, and humor is one way to do that.
  • People share the funny things between them, even if those things are advertising materials. Thus, fun commercials will reach a larger audience without additional investment.
  • Humor is disarming. When we laugh, we do not pay as much attention to the fact that the material is trying to convince us of something (subscription to the newsletter, placement of an order, etc.) so that those messages make us easier.
That being said, humor in marketing can be quite difficult. Dumbbells must be natural and tasteful to customers. If you want to adopt a humorous style in your marketing campaigns, make sure that those jokes are really fun for your audience.

5. Congratulate customers when they are ordering
It's not unusual for a customer to change their minds after placing an order. He may suddenly decide that he no longer wants the product or that he will wait for a promotion. Fortunately, it is not difficult to implement a solution to this problem: congratulate them when placing an order.

People want to know that the choices they made were correct. When making a decision, for example placing an order, we are looking for a confirmation that it was a good choice. The important detail is that we need to reach this conclusion on our own, using our own reasoning.

The store can help customers make sure they have made the right choice. It does not have to be complex or forced. A simple pop-up type "Congratulations, your order has been completed. Thank you!" Can make a big difference. Formulate the confirmation email in the same style.

Other materials that can help in this regard are product guides and advice articles. The idea is not to try to convince the client that he has made a good choice, but rather to give him the means to convince himself of this.

With these psychology tips, you can better understand how to interact with customers and increase your sales in a subtle and organic way.