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Reasons to Acquire a Multiple Extensions Domain


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There are thousands of web domain extensions on the market, starting with .com, .eu or .net, up to the new .business, .host, .shop and other thousands of TLDs. Regardless of the chosen field, we encourage customers to acquire the desired name with as many possible extensions as, as the online business grows, the brand's importance may increase.

In fact, the goal of having more domains is to better classify the Internet and create opportunities for people and businesses online and get the perfect domain name - more extensions, more chances. This also creates fierce competition between brands that would like the same name or have the same field of activity.

If two online businesses would like the same domain name, one can register a .com and a .net domain. However, this can create losses on both sides, especially new customers, because in most cases, customers do not remember the extension of the domain but the brand.

Social media plays an extremely important role in our online business and branding and strengthening. Thus, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram can create brand confusions, two different businesses, if they use the same name but with different extensions. For example, an online brand may have hostingweb.comand another hostingweb.net. On socializing this can be easily confusing, because it will be just hostingweb or @hostingweb. Thus, the less confusion, the better.

The extension of a domain is not just the country but also its culture. If .com or .eu are the most popular international extensions .us is the most sought after. Country-level domain extensions are usually the first option amongst owners - they provide a good placement location and provide security for local consumers.

In general, this choice is among the owners who want to capture the local market and do not want to outsource. However, it is advisable to purchase the name and the international extensions and the new TLDs needed to avoid registration by potential competition.

New customers
If you use multiple domain extensions that can redirect to the main site with the chosen extension, you have more chances to capture new traffic and customers and reduce the risk of using the third party domain.

WebmastersMind offers the ability to register domains with any available and valid extension in the online environment.