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Resources for Serious Online Business


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In this thread, I want to discuss the classic online sales process to build a serious online business. If you don't find these 6 resources in the online offers that you find on the Internet, then you can quickly catalog the schematic as an online tick.

Resources to Have a Serious Online Business
  1. A niche site
  2. Traffic to the site
  3. Prospect list
  4. Products/Advertisements
  5. Page/Letter Sale
  6. Online Payment Processor
1. The site is the place where the Online Business is running.
The site is your place of business. Here you publish the articles, present the products and submit the advertisement.
To have a site you need web domain and web hosting

The site must be a niche site and not a general site. Choose a certain niche market, a particular segment you attack. For an online business based on information products, a medium niche is recommended in order to have a variety of products.

2. Traffic to the Site. Without him, there aren't sales and you are not making money.
Traffic is imperative. Most fail in this chapter. Traffic can be achieved by the following methods:
  • Quality content - unique items and not duplicate content
  • SEO optimization - without optimizing at least basic articles, get your thoughts from ranking in search engines
  • Social media campaigns - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc
  • Advertise --> AdWords, etc
  • Viral marketing
The best traffic is natural organic traffic from Google searches and referral traffic. Referral traffic comes when a user of your site recommends articles from your site to his friends by email, facebook, live chat, etc. And here I am referring to real recommendations, not likes given in ignorance.

In any case, referral traffic will come from organic traffic or from your prospects list. Which list of prospects is also formed from organic, organic traffic.

So, whatever we do, we go back to SEO and quality content. You can also get traffic from ads, but it's usually not as good as SEO traffic, and considerable budgets are needed for that.

3. Prospects List
The prospect list is the list of subscribers by email. You have to give visitors to your site the opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter. They are called prospects because they have taken a step forward. They showed their interest more than someone who watched your site and then closed it. Prospectors are your gold mine. You can convert them into customers if they offer them quality services.

4. Money from sale of products and advertisements
Once your site has begun to be consolidated (traffic and prospects), you can start making money from displaying ads, from selling your own products - info or affiliate marketing. You can also sell articles, banners, advertisements, and so on.

5. To sell products you need a Letter Sale
Information products are sold using sales letters. Why? Because in a sales letter the benefits of the product can be greatly presented. Being not a physical product, the customer cannot test it. That's why there is a need for a plea to show the potential customer the benefits of your product.

Letter sale is also used for physical products. And is used by e-commerce stores either as a classic sales letter or as a hybrid.

In any case, sales letters help you increase your conversion rate. They are useful if you sell a product through affiliate marketing.

6. You cash money through a paying processor
In order to cash you can use the classic bank transfer method, phone, e-mail. Except this is not recommended in most cases. Why? Because a purchase is generally an impulse of momentum, and as your customers can afford to pay faster and easier the better.