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Selecting a Domain Name

Discussion in 'Domain Names' started by Ovi, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. Ovi

    Ovi Well-Known Member Registered Active Member

    Selecting a Domain Name

    With the large number of websites and online businesses cropping up on the internet it is getting harder and harder to find a domain name that is easy to remember and have a good appeal to your audience.

    Fortunately, if you are armed with the right knowledge about how to choose domain names, you will still be able to find a name that would suit your purposes and be easily recognizeable and marketable.

    Just follow these tips:

    • Aside from the generic names (which are sought after), think of domain names that are short and easy to pronounce or remember. These types of names have a high mnemonic value. A domain name with a high mnemonic value can easily be recalled and thus has a large possibility of enjoying heavy traffic.

    • Be aware of the scope of your business and think of domain name extensions using this information. If you plan to have a business with an international scope then a .com extension is the best domain name to get. If you plan to operate your business nationally and have no plans of going international then a country extension is a good idea (and cheaper too). For example, a .co.uk extension is best for a UK-based business. On the other hand, for business with regional goals, an extension like .eu would be a good move.

    • Before extensively thinking of domain names try to do a trademark search so that you can have an idea of which names are already taken. It would just be a waste of time if you keep thinking of domain names and continually find out that it is already trademarked.

    • There are two schools of thought regarding domain names with a hyphen. One group suggests getting a domain name with hyphens like BBB-services.com. This group says that a hyphenated domain name has aesthetic appeal because it is easier to read the domain name especially if it is a long one. They also said that hyphenated domain names rank higher in search engines.

    On the other hand, another group supports domain names with no hyphens. The first reason cited is customer recall. A customer may remember the domain name but they may not remember the hyphen. It is up to you as a webmaster or business owner which advice you will follow.

    • Try to think of names that have a repetitious sound. These names have a pleasing quality when it is heard and it also adds a certain cadence that makes it easier to remember.

    Finally, when you have already chosen a domain name try to use a domain registration and hosting service that is reputable. Some of these services may cost much so try to haggle so you won’t have to overpay for these services. But don’t lured into using smaller services that offer dirt-cheap prices because their long-term reliability is suspect. They may not be in business anymore when it comes time for you to renew the domain name registration.
  2. Wolf Soul

    Wolf Soul Active Member Registered

    It is a good idea to to choose either a quite unique name, which is easy to remember or a web dress that contains information about the business field of activity of the web site which is about to be hosted under this web address
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  3. websky19

    websky19 Well-Known Member Registered

    It's usually the part of deciding which domain name to use. I have that issue with hyphenated or not domain name but I stick with unhyphenated, I myself tend to forget the hyphens.
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  4. luispas

    luispas Well-Known Member Registered Active Member

    Thank you for the great tips, I didn't know the most of the things that you mention. Choosing the name of a website it's like putting a name of a song, one have to think wisely, it must be something that stands out really well and represents what you do or sell and at the same time, something that people can easily remember.
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  5. Dirky

    Dirky Member Registered

    Is it a good idea to go after .com .net .org and any others I can get a hold of?
  6. Francisc

    Francisc Active Member Registered

    Great post...You may get free webhosting but those providers won't give free domain names. You can find plenty of webhosts that offer free domain names with their paid hosting plans. If you are planning on doing anything for business do not use free hosting - it looks unprofessional
  7. newbie

    newbie Active Member Registered Active Member

    Or you can just hold a contest at squadhelp dot com and let users across the world compete to find a good name for you.
  8. Roversin11

    Roversin11 Well-Known Member Registered

    Great tips. Regarding hyphens in domain names, I prefer to use non-hyphenated names because people don't normally type hyphens in search box when they go looking for a website.
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  9. Sencuart

    Sencuart Well-Known Member Registered Active Member

    Thanks @Ovi for your time to write how to choose a right domain. Also, the length of the domain matters a lot
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  10. BGD1337

    BGD1337 Member Registered

    Its not a rule to use these extensions, i personally had sites with .info, .online extensions and works just as good in SEO :D.
  11. johnliquid

    johnliquid Member Registered

    Nice tips! Can you suggest any top rated place to buy a domain?
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  12. Ovi

    Ovi Well-Known Member Registered Active Member

    When comparing a reliable and trusted web hosting service and domain name provider, I would vote for godaddy. The price structure of godaddy is slightly higher.
  13. csscoll

    csscoll Active Member Registered

    selecting a domain name is not easy as there are so many domains have been registered, so we have select a short name then it will be better it is very difficult to get
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  14. MichaelBrown

    MichaelBrown Member Registered

    Can Any 1 post here for the cheapest domain available in .com
  15. johnsimth

    johnsimth Member Registered

    Great tips regarding hyphens in domain name. I prefer to use domain name without hyphens that is easy to remember.
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