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SEO cannot do everything for your business


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Here's a hint: If we optimize our sites for visitors, there is little chance that a Google algorithm update will penalize us. That means we are on Google side, we are trying to make our site better for visitors.

Help them help. Help visitors to help us by making a site as good as possible for them. This makes Google record positive votes for our pages. If visitors come to the site and Google records a 5 to 10 minutes of browsing and 10 to 25 pages accessed, it's much more important than building who knows what links from other sites even with a very good authority in the field. This is measurable by Google Analytics using the bounce rate, which should be as low as possible.

Do not focus so much on keywords with the most local searches per month on average (Google Keyword Planner). Instead, use phrases that current and potential customers use. There are hundreds of reliable, cheap, online surveys, so you can choose your phrases. Much more correct is to ask yourself questions like:
  • How do I describe products/services?
  • What feelings are attributed to your products/services?
  • Why do/will they need your products/services?
  • An ideal personality of the brand that would sell the products/services.
Google can see how prominent the text on the web page will be for visitors. You can not just label text to make the search engine page relevant, it must be integrated into the topic.

Links Many sites have fallen due to Penguin. We can no longer buy links, but almost all bloggers understand the value of a link and want to be paid for it. We now do what we like to call "PR online", where we focus on building relationships with bloggers and other sites. The most important thing is to focus on building a partnership in which they rely on us as much as we rely on them. With a unilateral relationship, site owners lose touch or forget about you eventually, but when they consider you a source of knowledge, valuable to their readers, they will keep the link to your site. Now, it's better to focus on the brand than the specific anchor text on the web page. Most people talk about the brand and then you will not have to worry about competing for the # 1 position in SERP, you'll be there!

SEO cannot do everything for your business. Even if for some reason it does it for the moment, it will not be sustainable in the future. SEO is a good online marketing aspect, but you have to be a good merchant/businessman, on the whole, to do it in the long run.


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I agree somewhere but the keywords are very important to use. for any information, visitors go forward with the keyword and then search their needed information on the search engine with the help of only keywords. Using phrases is find but in my view, the keywords are better than phrases.