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SEO has returned! But has it ever really vanished?

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Have you heard that SEO has died again? If we believe everyone who says this, this happens at least once a year. But the good news is that it seems to have returned again, according to some. That's because it never really disappeared in the first place.

Reports of his death are extremely exaggerated ... So why did people think SEO was dead this time? When Facebook entered the market in 2007, the world was very different from today.

SEO has been relatively simple compared to today's standards and social environments, while a significant factor in digital marketing has not yet been the giant that is today.

Then Google was up and running with Panda and Penguin updates, which, despite collateral damage, eventually had a positive impact on the SEO industry.

This has also made dramatically more difficult, though some practitioners have to give up altogether.

This was a good thing because it forced people to focus on producing amazing content that would serve the needs of their visitors.

The scores of self-proclaimed "guru social media" have led to SEO being declared dead. (this time the true)

This time, a bunch of 300-word misplaced articles and "web 2.0" misery links would no longer produce results.

These new SEO challenges have led marketers to "greener grasslands," which at that time was Facebook, with its massive audience built and scary targeting capabilities.

But do you know what they say about greener pastures? They are often fertilized with a lot of insanity!

What is required for long-term SEO results?

The key here is to keep up with the advances in search technology.

Marketers who quit SEO have done this because they have failed to keep up. They wanted things to be quick, easy and cheap, and although Facebook started this way, it certainly did not stay that way. Once they changed strategy, they began to see SEO as a "gold mine".