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SEO Optimization for Blogspot


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Blog Indexing
To index a blog / site on Google send the URL here:
But Google is able to index your blog without having to do so.

To check if your blog has been indexed by Google, do the following:

site name-blog.blogspot.com.

Blog Optimization
As with a site, in order to achieve the desired results, an on-site and off-site optimization is needed.

On-site optimization consists of:
Establish keywords to bring targeted traffic. These keywords must be found in: domain names, site categories, URLs, Meta Tags, editorial content, descriptive link text, descriptive text, and image names.

Optimize Meta Tags - We do not have the same advantages as a WordPress site or blog. Meta Tags are automatically formed by the following "formulas": the title of the page will be given by the title of the post, preceded by the blog's name; the page description will be the first two lines at the beginning of the post. Thus, for a good position on Google, it is required that: the name of the blog (header) be as short as possible and the post title should be as concise and contain the targeted keywords.

Editorial Content Optimization - Try to repeatedly repeat a keyword in a text, but do not exaggerate. Putting a keyword in bold, italic, underline, or by inserting a link on it to a relevant page you give it more importance, and implicitly, the chances of your blog being well positioned are growing. But the most important thing is to publish original and quality content.

Internal Linking Optimization - Creating a link between posts by inserting links to other pages of the blog with relevant keywords. I recommend that from time to time you come back to posts and link old and new articles. For example, in the Google Algorithm Parameters article, we listed the most important parameters considered by Google, and each time I write about one of these parameters, I go back to posting and insert a link to the new article.

URL optimization - In the case of Blogger, the post title will be taken to the URL as http://name-blog.blogspot.com/year/month/title-post.html

Image optimization
Navigation and structure: The blog archive, especially in the case of a blog that has a lot of articles, does not help the user to find information or navigate easily. Solutions: adding a search box, adding tags for each post, cloud tag, implementing a css menu, implementing widgets like LinkWithin that link blog posts. Beware, however, the implementation of many widgets / gadgets results in slower page load times, unaccounted for by users and engines.

Off-site optimization:

Getting links to the site (backlinks)

Promote your blog to social networks (Facebook promotion or Facebook advertising, Twitter promotion, Youtube promotion ...) to increase its popularity and visibility. Create a link between blog and social networks through various buttons and sharing applications.

I hope we've covered pretty much everything you wanted to know about optimizing a Blogspot blog. If you have any questions or questions, you are at your disposal.