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SEO optimization guide for dropshipping sites


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As an owner of a dropshipping, one of the most important things you need to know before building your website is how to get an SEO optimization as efficient as possible for your business. This type of store is totally different from the stores that own their stock. So, reading this article, you'll find valuable information and tips that will help you grow organic traffic to your site.

First of all, you need to keep in mind that Google is becoming more and more sophisticated in analyzing quality content, so it's important to understand the different features that algorithms use to position your site in search results after certain keywords. In other words, SEO optimization does not require creating a text that adds as many keywords as possible but a quality text that provides valuable information for readers.

SEO for beginners
SEO means "search engine optimization," and the results of an effective SEO optimization materialize in the most favorable position in the search engine results pages. The goal is to increase organic traffic on your site, more precisely, the traffic you get without paying for advertising space.

Today, SEO optimization is used for various types of content, including pictures, videos, news and even academic papers. Given the increasing popularity of dropshipping, we infer that implementing an appropriate SEO strategy can be crucial to distinguish you from the competition.

One of the most important aspects of SEO optimization is to make a thorough study of the keywords relevant to your business. It may be tempting to add as much to the content you create, but an effective SEO optimization is to balance a number of factors such as originality, information quality, internal links, site structure, and more. Also, it is very important to remove any errors that your business website faces as they may affect your search engine positions. Apps such as Google Speed Test can help you identify issues such as upload speed or mobile site quality. Once you become familiar with the concepts and factors on which this domain is based, you will be self-aware that it is very important to focus on SEO optimization of the product page but the content must remain natural, easy to read and assimilated by to users.

Key concepts of SEO optimization
The length of content on each page of your site plays a very important role in dropshipping. The more comprehensive and relevant the content, the easier it will be for search engines to understand what your field of activity is.

The first aspect of using keywords on your web page is to calculate the optimal ratio in relation to the total text that you display on that page. That's why we recommend that you use at least 350-500 words per page and optimize the text with keywords, links, and other strategies that can improve your position on the Google results page. However, do not forget that you need to provide the user with a useful content that will provide him with a quality experience, so it needs to look more natural. If you are talking about a product page, you can create detailed descriptions for each product, so you can get as much content as possible.

H1 tags for SEO optimization of dropshipping stores
To be able to visualize what an H1 tag is, think of it as the title of a book. Since search engines read it, we deduce that this is one of the first things to show what users will find on your site. If we are talking about a product page, the H1 tag will be the product name, and in the case of a category, it will be the category name. Try to use words like "best", "top", "buy", etc.

H1 tags should not contain too many keywords because Google might consider it a keyword stuffing and you could even risk a penalty.

Meta titles for dropshipping
Meta titles are very important in the SEO optimization of a drop shipping business, being the first things that appear to users in the search results list. A meta headline should not have more than 65 words and it needs to be relevant to the searches that you want to have a position as good and attractive as possible to encourage users to access it.

SEO Optimization of meta descriptions
The Meta description is the text immediately below the meta title. Try to use between 120 and 160 words and provide relevant information that will describe what the person who decides to click on that page will find.

If you have a dropshipping business, it is recommended that the meta description encourages the user to access that link. Give her the reason she wants to visit her site: it includes price information, a list of products to attract attention or other advantages to your competition.

Thus, with an appropriate SEO optimization of meta tags, your site will be much more likely to have better positions in search results on certain keywords.

Internal links
Another crucial aspect for successful SEO optimization are internal links, that is, the links on certain pages of your site that link to other pages of the site. These must always be "dofollow" type. Thus, they show the search engines what pages to look at in order to give them a better position on the results pages. Of course, internal links also help users discover other pages of your site.

In SEO optimization for drop shipping businesses, internal links point to search engines which pages you want to have a better position on results pages for certain keywords. It also helps you order your site and increase domain authority.

If you have a very good blog post or an infographic page that has great authority and quality backlinks, add an internal link to help the page you are referencing to get a better position.

However, the more internal links you have on a particular page, the more you can transfer it. So, if you have two internal links, they will receive 50% of the authority of that page, and if you have three links - only 33.3%. In fact, you need to include the product category links in this equation.


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Backlinks have a very important role in SEO optimization of your site; these are links to other sites that link to yours. Along with internal content, backlinks are the most important way to help your site grow into Google positions on certain keywords. Here are some important notions that are essential to familiarize yourself with:

  • Dofollow: These backlinks allow the transfer of authority and support the growth of positions on search engines.
  • Nofollow: These links link to your site, but do not allow the transfer of authority. This does not mean you only have "dofollow" links; a natural mix between the two types of links is required.
  • Anchor text: The keyword assigned to a link that links to a site.

External links
These links are on your site but refer to another website. If you own an e-commerce store, it includes external links only in blog posts. Also, before adding an external link, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will my visitors be helped by this external link?
  • Does the site I'm sending is stable, lasting or is it possible to disappear anytime?
  • Does the site display irrelevant or poor quality content for my readers?
If the answer is "yes" to the first two questions and "no" to the last question, then you can consider referring to that site.

The reason why it is not advisable to add external links to a page from which you can buy certain products is that they will send the user to another page and distract them from the purpose for which they were there: selling!

Canonical links
The next step in creating a successful SEO optimization is to understand what are the canonical links. These are links that are useful when you have pages with the same content because it tells search engines what pages to index. Suppose you have three pages on the site that list the same products, content, and images. In this case, you will use a canonical link to indicate the search engines that you want to index because you do not want all three pages to compete for the same space and not to experience problems because of the duplicate content.

SEO Optimization Instructions for the Scheme
Schema.org is a platform created by all major search engines. This gives you code and snippets to show the search engines that are specific to your page. For example, a code is used to show them that there is a video on that page. This will allow you to display new features in the search results list that define a complete user experience, such as a video.

Data feeds and SEO optimization of dropshipping stores
Especially when you have a dropshipping business, you create a vast database of your products, from descriptions of photos to detailed information about them. The data feed is a file provided by your provider and is accessible to merchants who want to promote certain products in their store. Ideally, that information should be reformulated so Google does not index it as duplicate

How to Make an Effective SEO Optimization
Knowing the essentials of SEO optimization, it's time to find out how to put into practice the information I've just presented.

Avoid downloading content from other sites
The duplicate content indicates the same text on two sites (and in some cases even the same codes).

Since dropshipping stores do not own a stock, they rely to some extent on feeds from other stores, warehouses, and factories. These feeds are XML documents that keep records of products in those stores. Since content, images, descriptions and any other product information exist in the feeds that are used by each store that sells them, the content is not unique. Thus, the programmers of those sites are confronted with the same problem: duplicate content.

Thus, search engines do not know exactly which of these sites should have a better position in search results. Therefore, the entities that will use the data feeds exactly as they were taken will have a much weaker position compared to those who will not use them as such.

Enhance your position with unique images
Although initially, it will seem complicated to make your own pictures for each product, you will see that this SEO optimization technique will help your dropshipping site to have a much better position in search results on certain keywords. This way, you can differentiate your offer from other stores that sell the same products, probably taken from the same suppliers, and at the same time avoid duplicate content. If you can not make your own pictures, download the existing photos in the feed and rename them so that they describe the products as attractive as possible. Later, load them in the database and on the server.

Keep in mind that it is very important how you name the images. For example, if you sell small and medium blue hats, do not mislead the search engines by calling them both. "Medium blue hats" and "small blue hats" are some names that will help you in the SEO optimization process and therefore you will have far greater chances to get a better position in search results on certain search engines.

Add your pictures to other tags
Another important thing to keep in mind in SEO optimization is to add your own tags to other tags. Search engines can not see what is shown in an image, but Other tags help them know what it is about and display them to users. They appear in HTML as: "insert_alt_tag_here"

Optimize image titles
These should be identical to the name and another tag of the images. Try not to add too many keywords, because this can give you a penalty on the search engines.

Be a master of product descriptions
You already know that descriptions taken from feed and unchanged data are considered duplicate content and that unique and useful content differentiates you from the competition. For a complete SEO optimization, it reformulates product descriptions to provide users with genuine, useful and real-world information. This can propel your page through strong and competitive expressions and keywords.

Show product specifications
In SEO optimization of dropshipping sites, it is very important to add specifications for each product that, of course, are not the same as those existing in the feed. Find a unique way to reformulate them, but without losing the essence of information.

Things you do not do when optimizing SEO
When optimizing SEO for a dropshipping site, it is advisable to avoid SEO blackhat techniques that can make you a search engine penalization. Once you are penalized, it will take a long time, perhaps even years, to get a good position on the results pages of certain words. That's why it's very important to find out what things to avoid when optimizing your SEO site.
  • Exchange of links. Try to avoid reciprocal links - this is one of the worst practices you can be penalized.
  • Link farms.
  • Sponsored posts. You may also be penalized when giving certain people or influences money or products in exchange for "dofollow" links and, moreover, the site of those people will also be affected. You may want to work with influencers, but you have to make sure that the links you post on their sites are "nofollow".
  • Automatic link building. There is some software that can automatically post comments for you on blogs, forums, and other communities. This can affect the image of your brand among online communities and bloggers. You can also be penalized by search engines.
  • Listing in business directories. You can do them only if they are 100% sticky, relevant and updated manually. It is also recommended that the links be "nofollow"
Having a dropshipping business, SEO optimization is more complicated to accomplish and can last longer than in other cases. Also, once results arrive, it is necessary to continue on the same line, because search engines will lower your position on results pages on certain keywords when you quit. That's why you may find that you can not do a successful SEO optimization yourself, a situation where you will need to turn to a professional SEO agency.