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SEO optimization tips for product and category page


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Because people generally look for expressions such as "birthday flowers", "shirts or black dress" instead of specific product names, the use of popular keywords for SEO optimization of category pages can attract good traffic to your site. Below is a list of SEO e-commerce tips for product and category pages:

a. Create simple labels for category titles.
b. Include buy-in keywords like "buy now," "discount," etc.
c. The same thing should be done for product labels.
d. Add descriptions/category entries.
e. Create unique descriptions for each category.
f. Label images with ALT.
g. URLs must contain important keywords.
h. Avoid duplicating the canonical markings so that it does not appear multiple times with different product variants.
i. Write a unique product description.
j. Find out what customers say in reviews on other online stores about products similar to yours and use keywords from reviews in your product descriptions.
k. Use exact match keywords up to 4-5 times in the product description.
Concentrate on user-generated content, so ask your customers to write reviews about your products.
Maintain the information hierarchy with an appropriate URL structure so that they are easy to understand and easy to navigate.
- Category: Website.com/category/
- Subcategory: Website.com/category/subcategory/
- Product: Website.com/category-subcategory/nume-product/
Add video and images to different angles (assuming that you use ALT differently for each image).
Keep each product page 3 pages away from the front page.
p. Uses breadcrumbs that will improve the site's internal structure and user experience.
q. Make the readable URL structure.
r. Blocks unimportant pages through robots.txt.
s. Show the most important products and discounts on the front page of the online store.
t. Write articles constantly on the blog of the online store.
u. Build the online store using AMP.
v. Check Webmaster Tools for 404 or 500 errors and fix issues.