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SEO Optimization - Trends and Improvements


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As strange as it may sound, even in the SEO optimization process, there are trends that change from year to year due to changes made by search engines, respectively changes in algorithms.

In this sense, to keep up with search engine updates, a more diverse and refined SEO optimization is required, starting from the keywords used and optimizing for mobile devices.

SEO optimization of a presentation site or an online store is a mix of optimization techniques, content marketing, and social networking optimization.

• Semantic search is based on the understanding of the meaning of the query or expression sought. That's why search engines evolved to understand the meaning of questions and it works like a conversational system capturing the intent to search for users. In this regard, longer keywords and specific phrases may be used in the content of a website.
The use of longer keywords is based on the principle of quality rather than quantity. Also, the synonyms and plural forms of the keywords became very useful in the content of some web pages. Search Engines can help by introducing microdata into HTML using a common set of properties to describe the content of a website (for example: events, organizations, people, places, businesses, products, offers, etc.).

• Negative SEO optimization is a growing threat - this involves building many irrelevant links (spam) directed to certain competitors' web pages. It is a common technique, especially for large-scale businesses.

• SEO will no longer be a separate department but will integrate completely with all other aspects of marketing. Since both socialization networks and content marketing or SEO optimization strategies converge to the same goals, it is necessary to integrate everyone to achieve the success of a website, namely increased traffic and a high conversion rate.

• Search Engine Optimization - it's no surprise that more and more users are browsing for specific web pages using mobile devices. Therefore, any website must have, besides a responsive design, also local SEO optimization so that it is displayed in front of the paid advertisements for certain users in the proximity space.

• Links obtained are of great importance. Getting links is essential for the SEO optimization process, but not if they are bought (Google penalizes this method). If SEO generally evolved, it was normal for link building to evolve. In this context, it is important to know the backlinks of competitors.

• Branding and citations in a website become as powerful as links. Google begins to give importance to mentioning brands that can not be as manipulative as the backlinks made by the avid SEO. The references, or the names of the brand name, the address of the phone number on several web pages and not just the personal one is an authority factor for a website.
There are three types of citations that will be considered: local, industry or niche.

• The structure of a website is just as important for SEO optimization - the more attractive it is for visitors, the more it will become more attractive to search engines. Starting with the logical structuring of URLs and up to cursory browsing, these are becoming increasingly important SEO optimization issues. If users abandon a website due to confusing browsing, surely the search engines will abandon their search, negatively affecting the rankings.

Depending on the keywords searched for the business of a website, the structure of the site will also be built. You will categorize each of the sections and the pages of the site in an appropriate way. It's important to remember that search engines index only web pages, not entire sites. Therefore, the content will be structured on the pages. For example, the tactics of displaying a product on the page in the case of an e-commerce website is the best. URLs should also be as relevant and easy to understand by search engines.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that search engine optimization for a website evolved and evolves continuously. Newsletters focus on presenting content in useful ways and easy to find for both search engines and search engines.

Blooming semantic searches, using mobile devices, and indirect relevance of social networks means, in fact, assuring and persuading users that the content of a web page is more complex than ever. But at the same time, unchanged and equally important for optimizing SEO remains focused on qualitative and relevant content.


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