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We provide high quality unmanaged VPS hosting and unmanaged Dedicated Server hosting located in France and Canada. Our hosting plans are premeditated to deliver the best performance at the most lucrative price.

We are providing active solutions for all companies and organizations, that want a powerful platform to host their brand and service sites in the most efficient way available. Bitcoin dedicated servers operated and managed by a dedicated and hard-working staff of professionals. We also accept bitcoin payments for all services including bitcoin dedicated server hosting, VPS, domain and ssl-certificates.

Our Key Features

We know how important your site is to you. We know how much damage a couple of minutes of down time can do to your site. We work efficiently and passionately to make sure that never happens to you with our dedicated servers.

DDoS Protection
We offer affordable and capable protection from almost all types of DDOS attacks regardless of what type of online service is being targeted. We offer affordable dedicated servers that are affordable and powerful enough to deliver an ideal hosting for website.

Our customers are our top priority and will remain so for many years to come. What sets us apart from the rest is what our customers think of us.

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Email: sales[@]okayservers[.]com