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Social Media Marketing tactics you need to try


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Social platforms have always been a special challenge from a marketing perspective. The audience is huge and therefore the public's tastes and interests on Facebook are quite different. The fact is you cannot thank everyone.

However, there are many social media marketing strategies that can bring good results at low costs. We will show you the most promising tactics:

1. Communicate Free
Communication platforms have been built to facilitate dialogue, including between companies and customers. It would be a pity and a great opportunity for you not to profit from this and to communicate with your audience.

This is not just about providing monotonous answers to professional questions. The modern consumer is perfectly aware that another person is behind a company's page. Be informal, give your own opinion. You will create closer ties with your audience and customers if you speak naturally.

Don't forget that business should not always be serious, especially when it comes to social media marketing.

2. Try all type of content
Any company will post new articles on her blog and important news from her domain. In some cases, that's enough. However, until you try out a new type of content, you do not know what kind of results it will bring.

Guides, for example, should not only be kept on the company's website. Post them together with case studies and the rest of your resources on your social accounts. The community will see you as a useful source of information and will follow you more intensely.

Customer recommendations and opinions are a great way to inspire confidence. Case studies are more convincing when the client is the one who communicates the results.

Another approach is the informal one. A joke or video from the latest team-building activity can bring results as good as a technical eBook. Social platforms are a relaxed environment, and social media marketing campaigns can adopt the same style.

3. Put the community on the first plan
Your company is not the only creator of content on the Internet and that's great. Give your community the chance to shine and distribute their creations. This is one of our favorite strategies because everyone can win.

Let's imagine you have a fashion store. A classic idea is to share your customer's pictures with your customers wearing their clothes (with their obvious agreement). That's how you promote your products and customers enjoy fame.

In addition, product marketing is not the only advantage. Collaborations between you and your clients lead to a closer relationship that is always a good thing.

4. Recycle Past Posts
A post can have a rather short life cycle. Once it has lost relevance, it can not help you much. However, there is content that is never confronted with this problem: the so-called eternal green content.

The idea is simple: choose a topic that will always be relevant, and the material you create will be the same. Once posted, the content may be posted again in the future. Be careful not to do it too often or too much to avoid bothering your audience.

Guides and tutorials can become obsolete after a while. For example, if an application gets new functionality, the old tutorial is downgraded. That does not mean it should be deleted. Just fill in the new details and the user is ready to be posted again.

5. Organize a Contest
People like free stuff, especially when they are not normally free. Based on this idea, we can deduce that a contest can bring a lot of traffic in very little time. As you can see, social media marketing is a science.

Probably the most important element of the strategy is the prize (or prizes). No one would deny a free iPhone, but if you are not Apple, it makes no sense to put this as a prize. Prepare something valuable for your customers and your community.

It doesn't necessarily have to be a product of yours or a coupon for your store. Something complementary to your products works just as well. It may even be something that does not have monetary value but purely emotional.

Another question is how you will promote the contest. In this situation, there are no wrong answers. Use as many methods as possible to spread the news. Don't forget to encourage the participants to say further.

One last aspect is the contest period. The duration should be set in relation to the prize value: the more expensive the more the contest takes. If you don't offer something extravagant, don't last for more than two weeks.

Why Try These Tactics Of Social Media Marketing
You may have noticed a trend in this list: none of these strategies involve high spending. Any company, from corporations to the smallest startups, can use these tactics.

If you and your company are at your fingertips, we recommend that you need to try these methods. Don't worry, as you post and interact with your audience, you will find your own style.