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Spending money on an online business

Discussion in 'General Business' started by csscoll, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. csscoll

    csscoll Active Member Registered

    Cash flow will definitely flow if you put in your mind that it starts in spending your own money.
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  2. Francisc

    Francisc Active Member Registered

    Are you saying that you have to spend money to make money?

    I don't think that's entirely true. All I have spent on my blog is hosting and reg fees on the domain. Granted, it's not making me rich, but I have earned back my initial investment on it.
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  3. luispas

    luispas Well-Known Member Registered Active Member

    I had the idea of start a blog, but I don't think that in the next month I'll be able to be 100% available to work on it because I have to restart my university classes, so when I have to time maybe I'll do it.
    In businesses like a blog you have to invest a little amount of money, but there are more ways with which you won't have to spend anything but effort.
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  4. Dirky

    Dirky Member Registered

    Of course you have to spend money to make money...

    Advertising on social sites and forums doesn't yeild nearly as good results as paid advertising, which will place your ads in much better targeted locations.

    Social sites are good in thoery, but if you are selling a product or service that requires a particular type of audience, then untargeted advertising won't do you any good.

    Paid advertising in Targeted audiences brings your offers to those who are acutally looking for them specifically.

    Something to think about.
  5. websky19

    websky19 Active Member Registered


    Starting your online business is the easiest way short of winning the lottery to make a full time living yourself. That is why so many online businesses pop every day.

    More and more people are opting for an online business due to its favorable advantages. A home base opportunity's generally appealing, offering budding entrepreneurs the freedom to manage their own businesses from the comforts of their own home, on their own time. Additional income is most commonly the main reason as to why most people get started with their online businesses, but what starts out as a part-time venture usually ends up a full time or deal.
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  6. Wolf Soul

    Wolf Soul Member Registered

    There are a lot of things you still need to learn in maintaining your online business and obviously, you know that internet marketing is an entirely different ball game from the more traditional approach to business.

    When choosing the right online business look to see if it has potential. If it does ask yourself �How much time and effort will it take from you to make a profit?�. Your answer will determine if the business is right for you.
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  7. MichaelBrown

    MichaelBrown Member Registered

    Whether you're starting a business on the side while still employed elsewhere, a student or homemaker looking for extra income, or unemployed and trying to figure out what to do, there are plenty of opportunities for you to start up a side business inexpensively. It's unlikely any of these will make you a living in the first few months, but they all have the potential to grow into full-time businesses. We'll take a look at 10 such opportunities and, most importantly, tell you what to do with the $20!
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  8. Ovi

    Ovi Well-Known Member Registered Active Member

    Putting up an online business is time consuming and can be costly. You have to balance your time between yourself, family, and the business. If you lack time but want your business to grow and be out there, you have to spend money to make that possible. Maybe some other people to do that for you. Others don't need to spend money to make their business grow because they have all the time in the world to do that. If the business if huge, you will definitely need more people to run that.
  9. newbie

    newbie Member Registered Active Member

    There are a lot of things you still need to learn in maintaining your online business and obviously, you know that internet marketing is an entirely different ball game from the more traditional approach to business.I must say that this forum is perfect way to get a solution.
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