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Switching from the old site to a new one


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Change, reinvention, rebranding is essential for any business, and for one in the online environment, all the more. Like any object or entity, your company's website is at one time morally obsolete, no longer fitting into modern design and functionality lines, which makes it less attractive for potential customers. If you feel like you have an outdated site, it's time to reinvent it. Sure, your business will win.

Once you've decided that you need a new online image, something "fresh" that sucks the customer and helps grow your business, the first step is to get in touch with your nearest web consultant. Explain the problem, tell him what you want, let him come up with suggestions, listen to it carefully, develop a "beating plan" together. You can not start transforming the site without a well-established plan. After all, it is an extremely important step that should be taken with utmost care.

The company that will be responsible for transforming your business into the online environment should have serious references to recommend it for successful completion of all stages of the project. There are a series of seemingly minor mistakes that could have severe negative business effects. It is recommended that, until the new site is completed, the old one will function normally so that the current business activities will not suffer. Especially if there is a site already, it is not recommended to close it and display the message "page under construction". On the other hand, the "site under construction." The message may make it curious for customers to come back to see what the new site is making. It would not hurt to think of a marketing move in this period, possibly boosting your subscription to the newsletter to increase your subscriber base. The news outlook can generate a high rate of new enrollments. The too long periods in which your site does not work leads to loss of customer confidence and can severely affect your business. That's why it establishes with the web design firm a clear calendar of works and a realistic deadline.