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The benefits of a live chat on your site


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Companies are using different tools to keep in touch with customers, from phone, email, and social media to live chat. Customer problems can be resolved more quickly through an online chat. We all know how annoying it is to wait minutes in a row when we have a problem, until an operator is available or receive a standard email response that does not even solve our problem. The easiest and fastest way to solve your customers' problems is online chatting.

The benefits of a live chat
  1. Rapidity - a study by Forrester Research shows that 44% of customers believe that the most important option of a site is online chat. When a visitor is about to register an order but needs additional information, any site should give him the opportunity to contact a consultant live. The waiting time is much lower than in the case of phone calls or than receiving the email response, which means that the visitor will record the order more quickly.
  2. Save time and money - a phone call can take tens of minutes, while other customers can not contact you. Through an online chat, you can support multiple clients at the same time and at the same time, you can do your daily work. The good part in this case is that both the company and the customer save time and money.
  3. Increase sales - 77% of people who buy online want to get in touch with a real person before registering online, and half of them say the lack of interaction with a company member has led them to give up buying the product. After a pleasant experience with an online store, customers will have more confidence in the company and will return whenever they are looking for a product.
  4. Positive feedback from customers - a quality product is not enough to get a customer to give you positive feedback. The whole experience with your company has to give it satisfaction, from the design of the site, its loading speed to the support received. The rapidity with which the customer receives the company's response is one of the most important factors contributing to receiving positive feedback from clients.
If you do not have an online chat on your website or online store, it's time to think seriously about implementing such a service.


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I've seen that so many places nowadays have a live chat and it really feels better to have a direct response. It gives a bit of trust to the business so it's really cool :)