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The Future in Promotion on Social Media


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In about two years, companies that have not developed a social media starter, even if they are major players in their field of activity, will be overtaken by those who will come up with this strategy.

Social Signals have become of paramount importance for setting new rules in Google rankings. Although, in my opinion, the value of links in establishing Google's ranking will not disappear definitively, social signals will overcome the direct and indirect effects they have as important, becoming a defining factor.

Why? Here are some reasons. The world becomes more social. Today's kids are tomorrow's consumers, grown by communicating through Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. With each generation, more and more consumers will be increasingly busy on social networks, causing an increase in social signals, online consumer interactions, and the brand. People already spend more time on social networks than they search on search engines, and the difference between the two continues to grow. People tend to give more trust to the sites recommended by friends, despite those recommended by search engines. Sites with a strong presence in social networks are accessible, therefore easy to recommend. Search engines can interpret these recommendations so that their position in Google rankings has a spectacular evolution, which means an increase in the credibility of the site. Sites with a strong social presence have a high degree of conversion and brand loyalty, focused on sales, oral reporting, all of which lead to good reviews and targeted links.

Except for social signals, the presence of targeted links, one of the indicators according to which the ranking of a site is established, there is an increase in AuthorRank's importance as a ranking factor of a site. The idea of associating a comment or article, a person, not a site, is also highlighted by Matt Cutt in a painting at the end of 2010 entitled: "Does Google use social networking data to establish the place in the ranking?" Cutts says, "We're trying to figure out what a reputation writer or reputation is on Facebook or Twitter. Google has expanded this idea by not only referring to Facebook and Twitter, implementing its own Google Authorship platform, which allows the tracking of article authors, establishing the credibility of their content, allowing for a certain position to be established in the searches and rankings Google, gaining value through "Outbound" Links.

Strategic movements like Google +, Authorship tools, and AuthorRank, indicate a prudent approach to social search ranking.

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in present the most company promote their business in social media because they attract a lot of people and is a good space where they can present the deals