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The #hashtag Power


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The Power
In the social media age, the [HASHTAG]#hashtag[/HASHTAG] is one of the most powerful tools around, instantly linking a social media post to a group of others about the same topic... and updating a group of likeminded users on that topic in real time.

For small business owners, the [HASHTAG]#hashtag[/HASHTAG] represents an important social media strategy.

While [HASHTAG]#hashtags[/HASHTAG] are now used on a variety of social networks, they were made famous by Twitter.
A fitting tag can help drive brand recognition, boost the reach of an advertising campaign and positively impact customer loyalty.

The basics
1. Use the [HASHTAG]#hashtag[/HASHTAG] symbol (#) before a relevant keyword or phrase to categorize Tweets and help them easily sow up in Twitter search. [HASHTAG]#keyword[/HASHTAG]

2. [HASHTAG]#Hashtags[/HASHTAG] can occur anywhere in the Tweet – at the beginning, middle, or end.
Example: [HASHTAG]#hashtag[/HASHTAG] blablabla bla bla blabla [HASHTAG]#hashtag[/HASHTAG] bla Bla Bla blablabla bla [HASHTAG]#hashtag[/HASHTAG]

3. [HASHTAG]#Hashtags[/HASHTAG] will not appear in search if your account is protected or private.

Best Practices

Don’t over-tag a single post. The social network officially recommends no more than two [HASHTAG]#hashtags[/HASHTAG] per post.

Using too many hashtags devalues the strength of the hashtag and makes each additional one more meaningless than the last. It could lose you followers and permanently cheapen your brand’s social media reputation.

Develop your brand under a single [HASHTAG]#hashtag[/HASHTAG]
Choose just one [HASHTAG]#hashtag[/HASHTAG] to speak for your brand and strengthen consumer awareness.

Hashtags in the wild
Even though [HASHTAG]#hashtags[/HASHTAG] were born online, they can generate giant amounts of buzz outside of the internet as well. Placing a [HASHTAG]#hashtag[/HASHTAG] in a well trafficked public location or somewhere that will be seen on TV or in pictures can drive [HASHTAG]#hashtag[/HASHTAG] use.
While not every small business has an advertising budget fit for primetime TV, the strategy and execution could be similar, though on a smaller scale. Think posters, sidewalk chalk, or [HASHTAG]#hashtagged[/HASHTAG] stickers.

Be obvious
Choose a [HASHTAG]#hashtag[/HASHTAG] that is both easy to remember and crystal-clear. Even though acronyms or multi-word phrases might be more specific and make it easier to weed to false positives, complicated [HASHTAG]#hashtags[/HASHTAG] often don’t work as intended.