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The help that Google can offer for SEO


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Google has been preparing more and more changes in recent times about SEO factors.

For those who do not know the opportunities that Google can offer you, here's what you need to do with Google's help for a much better SEO:

1. Counts on SWC (Semantic-Wise Content)
Quality content is very important. But it's not all. Crawlers are becoming smarter. It relies on content beyond the keywords. The content strategy must be much more complex than that. You should try to detect and interpret every intention behind the searches. Analyze the behaviors of your visitors and group your searches by behavior groups. This will make it easier for you to target audiences more easily, and you'll also be able to better target your promotion and remarketing campaigns. At the same time, you'll know what kind of content you have to create for each audience, depending on their interactions.

2. External link networks still exist, but it complicates things
In 2018, you should focus strictly on natural links built through solid partnerships with the media and media partners. Do not waste your time with SEO Gray Hat - remove the links in a dubious way and make the link cleaning program a real habit.

3. Keep in mind the Mobile First Index
Google has announced lately that in the years that come with mobile version sites will be much more profitable from SEO point of view. They will be indexed faster and Google will focus its strengths to raise as much as possible in such sites.
The real opportunity here is represented by mobile applications. Every site that has a mobile app starts to get serious searches and traffic from smartphones. If you want to be on the market since 2018, your site would be ideal to be mobile friendly. This is no longer a fad. It starts to be an obligation. To help you, Google has introduced AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).
Tests have demonstrated that sites that have implemented AMP modules behave more clearly, have a higher conversion rate, and user interaction is constantly improving on such pages.

4. Consider Voice Search
Voice Search is becoming more and more popular with the Google search engine. And this hides a real opportunity for you. Voice Search has a tremendous impact on searches. Think about how much you would get to write a 10-key phrase, versus how much you would get it to say.
The opportunity in this way is the specificity of searches. Voice Search offers users the chance to use the Long Tail Keywords effortlessly, making highly targeted searches. Thus, you will find much more specific data about your visitors' searches and you will be able to conceive the entire promotion strategy according to them.

5. Crawl Budget - A New SEO Concept
We know pretty clearly that Google is sending our robots to index our pages, so we do not pay for it. But no one tells us that we can not specify a budget to improve the pages to be indexed. Opportunity is enormous. We can structure a financial plan that also includes optimization actions on the page for the pages to be indexed by the robot.
This optimization process can be summed up to:
  • deleting dead links;
  • content update (according to the SWC factors discussed above);
  • making and optimizing site-map. Keep the site map as clean as possible;
  • do not crawl the pages in admin and the heavy-weight pages (those that require effort to load - application pages, complex modules, etc.);
  • great care for redirects.
Take care of these things and follow every step to make sure you are one of those people. Your site will be much more appreciated by Google and will therefore enjoy a very advantageous position on the Google search engine. ;)