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The importance of simplicity in Web Design


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It is impossible not to notice that most tendencies in web design go to the simplicity and minimalism found in flat design, minimal design and accentuated typography and less to the graphics or complex elements that load the design.

What is the reason why simplism and minimalism are more and more common in web design?

Everything starts from focusing on user experience (UX). If it's not as simple and enjoyable as possible, it's hard to believe that a website will accomplish its goal, whatever it may be: attracting visitors to convert users, sell online products or services, or to get increased traffic to increase advertising revenue, etc. For this reason, a professional web design will primarily respect the ease of use of the final project and only then focus on functionalities and aesthetics.

A successful web design will affect the credibility of your company or organization. It also has a major impact on the brand and how it resolves to deliver the message correctly. Still, a successful web design gives visitors an extra reason to navigate further and find out more details. But what does web design mean? In recent years, it has been translated into simplicity by reducing redundant elements that could uselessly load the design and effectively transmit the message in the first few seconds.

Here are some trends in current web design that are based on simplicity and minimalism:
Flat design - is minimalist but also elegant. Its idea is to eliminate all the illusions created by the third dimension that includes shadows, inclinations, and textures in favor of typography, color and flat forms and attractive content.

Design material - created and developed by Google, it has the role of providing a great experience regardless of platform or device. What's more is focused on the experience of mobile users, leaving desktop users behind. This trend in web design shares the clean and modern appearance of the flat design, improving it with subtle lights and shadows, offering the sensation of moving the objects on the page. The end result is a clean design with a sense of realism.

Accent on typography - completing a simplistic web design, the emphasis on typography has gained popularity lately. Small details such as the length of lines of characters, or the space between rows, different ways of emphasizing words and balancing free space all this has made a difference in all current web design trends.

If all typography techniques are used, you can capture the attention of web site visitors only through a well-written text without the need for impeccable image use.

Layouts divided into grids (cages) - at the same time transmit simplicity but also good organization. They also work very well for responsive design, as elements of a grid will be displayed depending on the device used and the screen size.

Transparent buttons - all in order not to clutter a web design, although they have a basic shape, they are not colored and fit perfectly into a flat or minimalist design. Users love them, especially because they are animated by hover effects or by color (they become visible when the cursor or finger is on them).

Full-screen imagery or videos - implemented along with accentuated typography, this trend in web design is appreciated by its efficiency, simplicity and airy design. The key is to create a clear, accentuated design that is legible.

We can say that at least this year, the simplicity in web design is becoming more and more visible and it gets bigger. As users spend more and more time on the web, especially through tablets or smartphones, the current trends in web design are in favor of their more enjoyable experiences. Also, this simplicity finds its usefulness in many pages that are not just appealing but also easy to load, displaying correctly on different screen sizes.

A website needs to deliver a quick, easy-to-follow user experience regardless of the used or preferred web design elements. Simplicity is becoming more and more appreciated and it is not in vain to say that less is more (Less is more).

Design simplification is not necessarily appreciated because it represents the latest trend in web design, but because it helps to create a user-friendly experience and basically, it is the role of successful design: to correctly convey the message or goal and to determine it the end user to act.

Moderately used, minimalism in web design can create user-friendly experiences as long as the main goal of the project is not lost - whether it's a presentation website, an online store, or a web application. It must come to the user's attention and help him fulfill his/her task.